Thursday, April 01, 2010

Aiming for Confusion

Boy, what a morning this has been.

Mandy had an early morning appointment in Philipsburg so I had to get up a tad earlier than usual so as to be awake and aware of what Kurtis was up to as well as getting him ready to leave for his pre-school program too.

Some days, he gets up, comes downstairs all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and friendly.

Other days, not so much.

Guess what kind of day this was?

Anything directed towards him received only one answer. NO. Sometimes, I could have sworn he had that in BOLD CAPS and with a bunch of exclamation points behind the word too! (Maybe he is learning punctuation from reading Grammy's blog and my overuse of the punctuation point. Do ya think that might be it?)

Anyway, he was miserable, contrary and any other word you can think of that means that stuff.

In a bit of a fit of frustration, I wasn't saying just "ugh" under my breath about him but adding other consonants to describe my sentiment -like maybe having my own word, ya know -something like this -hgh -to mean ugh but of a higher variation.

Wanna get dressed, Kurtis? Answer - No.
Wanna eat? -Answer - NO.
Want some milk? - Answer- NO!
Sheesh, what the heck do you want anyway?

I was getting concerned when he had a bit of a hissy fit about getting dressed, then cried while munching down a couple of dry cheerios (his standard breakfast fare) and I thought he's gonna really be contemptible about getting on the van now.

However, the van was a tad late arriving so I took him outside to wait there for it to show up -hoping that the fresh air, sunshine, pleasant temperatures might warm his soul -and his personality -up just a bit.

FINALLY! The van pulled up and his attitude changed almost immediately then to his sweet, sunny little self as he trotted up the sidewalk, the steps and hopped up inside into the carseat and no fussing, let me strap him in. Meanwhile, I was telling the van driver that because he had been really miserable most of the morning, that she might want to warn his teacher, Miss Carrie, about this factor.

All buckled in, I asked him for a hug and a kiss and right away, he gave me one of each. Then. almost as a reflex -or perhaps his form of an apology -he lifted up his little face and gave me another kiss -and a great big hug too then! WOW -a double bonus there, ya know.

I asked him if he was gonna be a good boy, have a fun day at school and he even responded to that. Sure it was nothing other than pure ecolalia, I know that, but still, he repeated "Be good boy. Have fun." Then, he said "Bye bye" -no coaxing on that one. I repeated that back to him and he said it again only on the second time, the right hand went out and he was totally pushing me out of the van, as if to say "Enough now, Gram. Good bye. I'm leaving! Love you though!"

Now I ask you -how sweet is that? Really?

He's a little gem, that's for sure!

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Travis said...

It's good that he left you with a nicer memory for you day than the one he started with!