Sunday, April 04, 2010

If There's Anything Better...

I had big plans for my day, for my time, on Friday -Good Friday, that is.

Walking Sammy, my mind was off and running with all kinds of ideas for not just one, but for several posts.

One was to do with the day -Good Friday -and that, in connection with the "Only the Good Friday" posts I try to participate in.

I was thinking about the religious aspect of the day -Good Friday -and how this day in the church calendar -so somber, so sacred too -became known as Good Friday when, it would seem to many who don't understand the true meaning of why we consider this to be such a holy day how the death of Christ on the Cross could be referred to when remembering this day as something good.

But it is a good day, in essence, for an Christendom as Christ's death 2000 years ago on the Cross signifies that he gave his life, God gave his only Son for us, to die for us that our sins would then be forgiven.

How then can this day NOT be Good Friday? What other event in history is as meaningful then than this gift to us from our Savior?

So yes, this is indeed not just "Good Friday" but perhaps it should be referred to as the "Best Friday" for such a sacrifice having been given for us on this day, above all others.

And yes, I think too it is truly something that should be for Only the Good Friday too, don't you?
(And yes, I know I'm almost two days late in writing this and my only excuse is to use that old adage about the best laid plans of mice and men, ya know, but my intent was to post this on Friday, on Good Friday, no less.)

Now, remember I was thinking about this for my Only the Good Friday post and when I got home, since I had the afternoon pretty much free then, I started going down my reader to try to get up-to-date with my blog reading and in the process, one of my favorite bloggers, Suldog, had a new post up in conjunction with Good Friday too. You really do have to read what Jim had to say about this day!

Truthfully, Jim's theory about Good Friday and mine run pretty much along the same plane. Although I have to say I don't know that I would word it quite like he did in his post but the intent he has in mind and mine do intertwine there. Maybe I should have warned anyone before they go click in to Jim's post that you kind of have to know how he writes, know a little bit about his sense of humor as well as his underlying principles too so that you aren't caught way off guard about how he words his beliefs there.

I suppose to some Jim's words might possibly come across as a bit of sacrilege, but trust me too when I tell you this, that you might have to follow him a bit more to get his full meaning there and he's not intending to be offensive but rather to show -in his own inimitable style -what this day does mean to him.

So keep that in mind, please -and read it, see for yourselves then -as I think he said it pretty darned succinctly.

And so, better late than never, this then is my post for Only the Good Friday.

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