Monday, April 19, 2010

Aroma Abounds!

Ah, how sweet it is -the smell, that is of pork and sauerkraut cooking away in the oven!

This is one dish I really love -especially with a good helping of brown sugar mixed in with the sauerkraut that adds so much flavor and zest to the dish then too.

The drawback to this meal though -it means because Maya and Kurt wouldn't think of touching pork and kraut with a ten-foot pole, ya know, that I will have to make something else that they will eat for supper then. Picky, picky kids! When my kids were little, my tag line was "Sit up, shut up and eat what's on the table cause I'm not running a freaking restaurant here!" As a result, all three of my kids grew up to be pretty easy to please where food is concerned. Mandy is the only one with a specific thing she hates -that being onions -and Clate isn't overly fond of raw tomatoes although he loves pastas with tomato sauces of all types on that! Go figure, huh?

Another drawback to eating sauerkraut though, as you can well imagine I suppose, is that it can and often does, create digestion issues for a lot of folks. Amazingly enough, even though I had colo-rectal cancer seven years ago and since then, have also even had a colostomy, this is one food that didn't before the diagnoses nor since then either, given me a lot of issues. I know some people though who, if they eat this stuff, are ready to start checking out colon cleansing reviews among other things if they were to indulge in this type of meal!

A little side note here too -the other day when I was walking Sammy, one of my neighbors complained to me about him and asked that I please not let him run along the bank in front of their house and also, to keep him from watering the posts along their steps down to their house as she says "It smells, and draws their dog to it!" Her suggestion was that I keep him on a shorter rein when I walk him.

Well, today when we went out, I tried doing that with Sam but the poor dog was wheezing very quickly from my having to hold him in so close, so tightly and I found that it was also forcing me to almost run beside him when I had him held in that close -plus almost tripping me too because he was virtually right beside or almost under my feet then too.

I generally take him with me to walk and go pick up our mail then and I like to walk him along our road up to the mail boxes because it is just a nice length for our walk -about 1.3 miles round trip. Plus, our road is flat too so it doesn't then involve my trying to climb any hills along the way.

However, I guess I will have to resort to going around the other road to go pick up the mail if I plan on walking him then but that's gonna be a killer route for me as there is a very long hill involved in that route as well as another hill too that is shorter but steeper that I'll have to climb. If I thought this walk with him today had me winded, I can hardly wait to see what condition I'll be in if we take this other road! Not just winded but I know it will have a drastic side effect too on my ankles, knees, hip joints and back being really stiff and sore then too!

Oh well, what the heck else am I to do?

I know I do need the exercise -for sure -and so does he plus he needs the extra length of the leash as well to give him a chance to run, explore and enjoy the outdoors time. Guess I'll just have to bite that bullet then, won't I?


Maggie May said...

That is a bit picky asking you not to let the dog wee on the posts. Thats what posts are for.... isn't it?

Saukraut and pork. Noted for making a person windy. (Apart from the fact that I'm vegetarian..... ) I find since I've been on chemo I cannot tolerate any kinds of beans at all, green or otherwise.

I didn't know you'd had to have a colostomy. You seem to get on just fine in spite of it.

Keep walking!

Nuts in May

Jenn said...

This link is for the shoe that was developed here in nashville, this page is a knock off but I am sure a lot cheaper! Doc is trying to find the name of the local company but is in the neck and spine center downtown. anyway here is the link for the knock off, might help the knees and hips (how they advertise here) on the uphill walks (and down)

Travis said...

Mmmmm...pulled pork sammich! But hold the sauerkraut no likey.

TechnoBabe said...

At least the neighbor asked nicely and the dog issue is not turning into a neighborhood war. Like you say, a longer more strenuous walk will be better for both you walkers anyway.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Sauerkraut was one of my father's favorites! Mmm...smells so good when it is cooking...

And what a sorry about the dog issue...but I must say, you are an extraordinarily kind neighbor! She is very fortunate!

Hope you have a wonderful week! Love, Janine XO

... Paige said...

i"m with travis, like the pulled pork--yummmmmmm, but not the kraut
my beloved like the kraut and not so much on pulled pork--yummmm