Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worry, Worry!

Do you worry a lot? About really serious things or mediocre or maybe even petty things, which would mean then you pretty much worry about everything and anything, wouldn't it?

I confess there are some things that I do worry about. Yes, there are some that come and go -like fleeting thoughts in my mind when I deem them not worth the effort to give a fat rats behind about.

There are other things too that I do worry about all the time but I try to keep them down to the dull roar level in the back of my mind. These are the general concerns that I think everyone has pertaining to family, friends and such. It's not that they aren't important but more that they are there on a constant basis, things that are totally beyond my control -which I have accepted about those issues -and therefore, unless something major trips a trigger there, they stay on low-level annoyance status.

Lately though, there's been something that does worry me a good bit -and it pertains to younger daughter here, Miss Mandy. Surprise, surprise too in that this doesn't concern the issues I have with her husband, the lovely (NOT) son-in-law for a change.

I know she and the SIL have a lot of financial issues and as such, they have never given any thought to things like insurance on themselves. Money, plus at their ages they are still often in that phase of believing they are immortal; that they will be here forever.

I really wish -and I hope I can get this across to Mandy (soon, too) that this is a commodity EVERYONE should have at least some insurance. I know it's an expense we all often bypass but gee, even some smallish policy of term life insurance -which generally is the most affordable insurance option -can be purchased for a very reasonable price.

With her planning a trip in mid-March now to Phoenix and from there, going up to Nevada to spend some time with her Dad and step-mother, I would hope that I can convince her to look into an inexpensive policy for herself and really, she definitely should consider investing in one for the SIL as well.

I worry -a lot -about the grandkids and how -if something were to happen to Mandy or to Bill -how we would be able to manage in all respects -beyond the grief that something like that would bring on its on, but to all the various expenses a sudden death could bring on to the family too.

And I, for one, would definitely rest a whole lot easier if she would look into this and enroll herself and Bill in a policy of this type. While I'm on that track I'd like to see my son as well as my older daughter check into a purchase of this type too.

Better to be safe than sorry, is my opinion on this matter.

What say you?


Sandee said...

Planning ahead is a good thing. About the worry, I let hubby do that since he worries about everything. We are planners though. Always have been. You just need to look at all the possibilities. It's the smart thing to do.

Have a terrific day. :)

Maggie May said...

I think I was probably born worrying!! I don't think it matters how old our children get to, there is always a problem with life attached to them & their families.
However I think you have legitimate cause to worry if your daughter & SIL are not insured.
Just suppose they get a serious illness like mine & they had no insurance then tried to take a policy out & there was an exemption for existing illnesses. Better to do it when you are young and healthy.
How you can get this over to them I do not know.
Good luck with it.
Very thoughtful post.

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

I've never been a big one for insurance, but I suppose that goes along with my general attitude of sloth and wishful thinking. Mostly, I've found that I've always paid more into insurance than I've received back, so it has been a bad investment. I suppose, as I age further - which I hope to do - I'll find it more of a good investment.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I so totally agree with you here....100%. My mother didn't have insurance and that pissed me off something fierce. I brought that up to her a couple years ago and she simply said she didn't need it. As long as there was money on her bank account to bury her that was all we needed. Boy that pissed me off.

And now, here we are depleting that savings because the nursing home has a very expensive copay that we have to come out of pocket with. We are almost at the end of that. Oy Vey!

Kat said...

Oh yes. I worry. Mostly about very bad things happening to my children. I suppose it is normal, to a certain extent, but I may go to extremes in my head.
Just this morning I was envisioning how I would get all four of my children out of their seatbelts and carseats in case our vehicle ever plunged into a large body of water. How would I get them all out of the vehicle, and then to the surface of the water???? They are all SO SMALL!!! EGAD!!!!
I don't know where this comes from. But it can certainly be annoying. I definitely have to work to control my thoughts. ;)

And yes, life insurance is a VERY good idea. The hubby just upped his life insurance again. I asked about a policy for my but because I really don't make any money he doesn't think I need one. Goes to show what I am worth. ;)

Uncle Skip, said...

I don't believe I have ever looked upon insurance as an investment. That doesn't mean I am entirely anti insurance.
If said parties do have life insurance, they should arrange for the beneficiary of the policy to be the owner so that the proceeds are not tied up in probate.

Uncle Skip, said...

Also... I try not to worry about things over which I have no control.
I only really have control over my own attitude and actions. Hence, if I watch myself, I don't have a whole lot to worry about unless I start acting up.

janeywan said...

You see all those gray hairs on my head? I got them from worry. I can tell you how many have fallen out but they were all grey too!

I agree 100% that one needs to plan and protect themselves and other family members, that might suffer a financial burden in the event of a mishap or death. Heaven forbid.

TechnoBabe said...

I suppose the need for insurance varies from family to family. I don't worry much any more. When I was raising my kids, when I would begin to worry about something it would spur me on to action so that what I worrying about would be under control.

Linda said...

I guess that life insurance is something that I should worry about but as a single parent, it's hard to afford the regular stuff - never mind insurance on top of that! I do have a small policy at work, which is probably enough to get me back to ashes which can then be thrown wherever but I haven't really thought much about the rest. Of course, the big difference is that my kids are almost all adults, too, and not little ones so perhaps that accounts for some of my lackadaisical attitude about it?

That and I have enough to worry about!!

terri said...

I worry about everything. Always have, from the big stuff down to the inconsequential stuff.

But life insurance sure would ease your mind in regards to the well being of your family in the even of a tragedy. I hope they can consider it and purchase at least a small policy.

Keith said...

I think you already know what I'm going to say. The obvious answer is yes, she should purchase some sort of policy. That would be the smartest and wisest thing to do. On the other hand, wouldn't it be a GRAND idea if we could get Obama's healthcare plan passed? I know that this is very controversial. But I am a firm believer in Universal Healthcare.

With all that said, I think that a person should definitely make a decision about what would happen should a tragedy (such as a health scare, death or whatever) strike in order that they would be able to make it through financially or that their family would not bear the burden.

My 2 cents!

Travis said...

I get it backwards. I rarely worry about things I can control. It's the things that I have no control over that often keep me awake.