Tuesday, February 02, 2010

No Shadows

Where does the time go so quickly? Yesterday it seems it was New Year's Day and now, all of a sudden it's February 2nd -Groundhog's Day!

And I, for one -along with a whole heck of a lot of others too, I bet -am wishing there was truth in the old bit about the groundhog seeing his shadow or not. If that were true, something we could really believe in, then it would maybe give us something to look forward to. But, even though Punxsy Phil resides about an hour's drive from where I live, I don't put any stock in his predictions cause whether he sees his shadow or not, there's still gonna be six more weeks of winter!

Now, if only that shadow thrower could tell us if it will be really cold, really snowy, icy or pleasant days ahead, then it would be a whole different ball game, wouldn't it?

For me though, I started this month out with a new job search!

Yep, and this is what I found and started too.

I started this tabletopper last night and have one corner of it finished now.

And, here's the pictures of the other projects I finished recently.

First up, here's the counted cross stitch sampler -Christmas theme -that I finished up a week ago yesterday.
And here's a look at the pillowcase I embroidered for little Kurtis!
I started the pillowcase this past week, finished it up yesterday. But the other day, it was laying on the end table and when he saw it, he asked Mandy "Wa's at?" And she told him it was something Grammie is working on. He looked at it a bit closer and recognized the character of Winnie the Pooh and in a questioning tone to his voice, asked Mandy, "Winnie a Pooh?" Yes, she told him, it is that. To which he replied, "Winnie a Pooh and all friends too!"

That's pretty much the extent of my "work" these days, ya know. Watch the grandkids, cook supper, a little pickup around the house now and again, walk the mutt and stitch, stitch, stitch my little fingers to the bone! LOl

The really big news here today is that Maya brought home her first report card on Monday! Kindergarten kids only get two report cards a year -one in the middle of the school year and the other when the year is done.

And Mandy and I were both excited and after looking at her card, really thrilled too! She is, half-way through the year, proficient in EVERYTHING!

You name the area and she was knocking 'em dead!

I told her that this is the first time Grammie has ever seen a report card this great in this house! Mandy was a tad offended by that but really, it's true. It's really funny ya know, when you stop and think about it, because my kids report cards were never THIS good! But Maya's doing fantastic and my older grandson -well, he's doing just great too -making the honor roll at his school and totally amazing his mother too! (As well as Grammie J.)

My report cards in grade school were never bad -at least not in the subjects we were learning. But my Mom's biggest issue was always that my penmanship never received a satisfactory grade and on the right-hand side of our report cards in those days, there was a section titled "deportment" -meaning behavior -and I never brought home a report card during the first six years of my educational process that DID NOT have a check mark under the "whispers" category! I think by the time I hit 4th grade, my Mom gave up on my ever being a quiet student in class.

Probably some would say that hasn't come about yet either!

But now, time for me to finish this off and get back to my "work."

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terri said...

Your needlework is really impressive. The cross stitch sampler looks like it was a LOT of work! And it's beautiful!

Congrats to Maya on a great report card!