Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Children, Dogs and Cats!

I have been quite lax for a goodly period of time now in posting updates and photos of those three above mentioned entities, haven't I?

You'll really be surprised to see Maya now. What with her current "new" hairdo, ya know.

Here she is -hamming it up as usual when she sees a camera in my hand or her Mom's and all decked out in her "pretty in pink" princess play outfit. Seems she has a nose for finding the scissors as this is the third time now in the past so many months that she's managed to sniff them out and sneak off to snip away at those pesky bangs of hers! Yeah, clipped clear back to the top of her forehead the bangs are now. And Mommy -not very happy over the newest Maya look either!

Here's Kurt with the latest hair style for little boys. Gosh, I hope not! This was something that was his mother's doing one night a week or two ago, after he'd had his evening bath and she was just messing around, combing out his curls. I think he may have had her thinking he wanted ponytails in his hair because she'd done this with Maya's -only she just had two ponytails, not three, as Mandy fixed for him.

This picture shows Maya in the new (to her) snowsuit that was given to her after a little girl in our church (whose mother has impeccable taste in little girls' clothes) had recently outgrown this outfit! It's about two inches too long for Maya this year but I'd be willing to bet money that next year it will fit her perfectly. And then, since she'd be all prepared to go out and play in virtually any amount of snow, we'll probably have a "snow-less" winter then, won't we?

The day Maya insisted that she and Kurtis play "Dress-up" with the myriad of pretend outfits she had given to her, she also decided he would look his absolute best to dress as a little angel. Here he is, descending the stairs and yes, he does look pretty angelic too, don't 'cha think? Well, until you glance up the steps and see all those markings on the wall -all lovingly drawn by this little angel here and his big, bad sister!

Some well-meaning gift-giver was ever so kind as to resupply the kids with lots and lots of that substance -PlayDough -as a neat Christmas gift. Well, the "neatness" part sort of generally escapes their minds when they play with that stuff and the dining room table gets pretty well plastered down with it then too. Guess you know my sentiments now about that stuff don't you? I need about the same amount of concentration as Kurt's showing here in smooshing the stuff on the table when I try to scrape it up and off!

One thing Maya does VERY well is try to boss her little brother around! She thinks this is her job, her given right, as it were. And Kurtis? Well, I think you can tell by the look on his face that he's not all that impressed by her instructions, is he? About 10 seconds after she starts bossing him, he lets the whole neighborhood know he's not in the least pleased with that tactic. The screaming is just around the bend -about 5 seconds after the flash of the camera as a matter of fact.

After the screaming -comes this look from Maya! Why oh why won't he just listen to me!

Notice too, this picture was taken before the debacle of the latest hair-restyling episode. Wonder how long it will take now for the bangs to grow back in?

You've heard me talk about the animals in the house from time to time -the four-legged ones that is. Here's Mama Cat, Nina -the one who has produced two litters of kittens -for a grand total of 10 kittens -in the past year. She pretty much ignores the other two cats in the house -Chino -the friendly, lovable gray cat and Fluffer-Nutter, who is Nina's son from the last litter.

This then is Chino -who, when she isn't in her regal pose like this, is either sitting on Mandy's lap, purring away, wanting Mandy to just scratch the top and back of her neck or simply stroke her fur coat for her or else, she's snuck outside and when she wants back in, she climbs up on the roof of the backstoop behind the bathroom window and then, throws herself against the screen in the window as a signal to whoever happens to be in that room then that they are to open the window, raise the screen and she will then come in! Used to be she would just climb up the backdoor to the kitchen and hang on the screen there to announce her request for entrance but this new method seems to be her favorite deal now.

Now this is the "baby" of the cats -Fluffer-Nutter -which is what Mandy named him. Why that? I really don't know. But that's often too long a name for me to remember somedays so I often shorten it and call him "Fluff-Nuts!" Which really is much more apropos a name for him in my opinion. He's a little sweetheart though -most of the time.

And here's Sammy -the newest member of the family -as he tries to entice Maya into playing with him.
We've had Sam since early November now but it took him till probably mid-to-late December before one of the cats -Fluff-Nuts -decided he was a trustworthy friend and now, he and the "kitten" can frequently be found racing and chasing each other all around the house until they finally run out of steam and then, this is how they generally end up, curled up together, on a throw under my computer desk!

Who says dogs and cats can't be friends -and darned good ones at that?

They curl up beside each other or the cat will have his head resting on the dog's chest or Sam lovingly places a paw lightly on Fluff-Nuts body -just to let the other know that "Hey, I'm here for you, my Friend!"

Sometimes, Maya and Kurtis actually comfort each other a bit in that manner too and maybe one of these days, we'll even get a picture of them being nice to each other!

It could happen!

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