Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sneak Preview

Last night, I finished the "Cherries" tabletopper. I was happy that I got it done as quickly as I had -less than a week's time -and even at that, I had two days during that time when I had barely touched the project. So, that was a good time record for me, for sure.

However, because I have a kazillion of these embroidery projects here waiting for me to pick 'em up and get working on the next one in line, I was trying to decide which one to work on next.

So I picked four out of the pile and showed them to Mandy to see which she thought she'd like to see done next. She looked them over and selected one that I really, really like -a lot -and said she'd be very interested in seeing that one completed as well as being the recipient of said project down the road too.

Well, upon hearing that, you're probably thinking that's the piece I'm working on, but it's not.

Instead, I decided since she wants the other one, I'll work on it at a later date and put it back (when it's completed) for her for Christmas. (Always nice to know in advance which of these things my girls really like so then I know who to give what piece to later one, ya see.)

This is a preview of the tabletopper I am working on now. I have one corner completed and it's working up quite nicely, as well as very quickly too.
One thing for sure, as long as I am this occupied with making these items, it does keep me away from reading a bunch of fat burner reviews, doesn't it?

The reason this project is zipping right along though is -as I discovered when I opened the package last night -because there is very little that gets embroidered on it!

Obviously, the striped binding is already done on the project and so is the applique portion too. So the only work left are the few yellow and orange flowers below the applique and the green stems!

Yep, I can make short order of this puppy and then, move on to another one.

I almost wish all of these kits would work up that quickly so then, I could move on to the larger tablecloth projects I have sitting here, waiting for me to get ready to work on them then!

Soon enough, soon enough!


fermicat said...

I like the colors on your stripey project. Have fun!

wendyytb said...

Doesn't it feel great getting things finished up? You did such a nice job on the last one...

Travis said...

I think it's great to have a backlog of things, so when you finish one you know you can dive right into another one.