Friday, February 12, 2010

Weighing In

Weighing in. Yeah, there's a concept I'm not particularly keen on.

Back in December, I had an appointment with my family doctor -she had requested I come in to discuss some "issues" that appeared after I'd had some tests done in late November.

Those tests, she said, revealed several things -all of which pointed in one direction for me.


Well, actually, our conversation didn't point in just one direction. It also touched on another aspect needed in my life -another dirty word, ya know -this one a bit longer -EXERCISE!

Her main thrust was that I need to take off a few pounds, watch my intake of cholesterol and sugar content and yes, some form of exercise would also be a way to facilitate this whole process.

So, since mid-December, I have been watching my food intake -well, somewhat. I have cut way back on the sweets -and as proof of that, I did something really drastic -for me, anyway. I did absolutely NO BAKING for the Christmas holidays. Normally, I would have baked several different kinds of cookies and several dozen of each type too along with breads as well.

This year -I did none of that. However, don't you just know it but some well-meaning folks kind of bombarded us with gifts of candy. I won't say I didn't indulge in a few bites of those treats but not near to the extent I would have done in prior years.

I'm always checking out other things too pertaining to weight loss though -you know, trying to find what most would say is the "easy" way to weight loss.

But, because I have other issues that I have to consider, some of these other weight loss methods I don't dare to experiment with. I had heard a lot a while back about alli as a weight loss tool but after reading alli reviews, I realized there is no way I can even think of trying this product.

So, I eliminated that so-called shortcut to losing weight.

I'm not that good about the exercise component to weight loss -problems with my back, with my legs too -but I have been trying to take nice brisk walks whenever I can -whenever my back and legs as well as the weather are all cooperating with my needs in that department.

I am trying to follow through with what my Doctor told me to do.

I've just not become a total fanatic about it. At least not yet anyway.


Lee said...
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Lee said...

Trying for comment number 2. I need to learn how to proof read my own words. LOL

Seems like you're making good progress on this, Jeni. Making lifestyle changes seems to be the way to approach weight loss. So is being real about that approach and forgiving yourself when you slide so that you can get back on track.

When trying to get back to a feel good about myself weight after my marriage I took the same approach. It took a while but I developed a vision of what I wanted and kept to it.

Sending good thoughts your way for this. Prayers too if you want them.


Travis said...

Unfortunately, there's really no easy way to lose weight. There are simple steps to take to eat more healthy foods, but changing your eating habits is tough.

terri said...

It sure seems like you're staying faithful to your walking routine, and that's half the battle right there... not giving up!