Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rude Behavior

This is a story about something that happened to me last week.

If I'd been seated where I normally sit, doing what I
normally do, it never would have happened. (And if I
hadn't decided to do this post and include this photo in
here, I might not have realized something else too. Oh.
My. God. I DO look like my Grandma!

But as it happens, I wasn't seated in my favorite recliner, doing my favorite thing -embroidering. No, instead, I was sitting in my computer chair at the desk, reading blogs or my Facebook or writing something.

In deep thought, I was startled by a loud scraping sound, a thump and bump to the back of my computer desk chair and really, it's a good thing too that I wasn't half-napping in front of the computer or the whiplash could have caused me then to hit my head on the monitor and who knows how much damage that might have done!

What the hell was that! That's what my first thought was as I got shoved and bounced around a bit in my seat.

It started with this little fellow -Fluffer-Nutter, AKA Fluff-Nuts -and his playmate, the effervescent, always ready to run, chase, rough house and create havoc, dog -Sam. Yes Sam -the cute little fellow who accompanies me on my walks towards a better weight.

And here he is -the culprit. Gee, he looks so cute and sweet -very innocent in appearance here, doesn't he? But don't let those things deceive you because he was a big part of the noise and furniture getting moved and shoved and banged around -with me sitting in it!

It was like this -I was busy at the computer -my second most normal place and activity here these days. And these two little beasties decided it was time for them to romp and roll. Up and down the stairs -sounding more like a herd of elephants as they ripped and tore around upstairs, then to the steps and chasing each other into the living room.

Once in here, they were either playing tag or simply having a race to see which one could get from the sofa in front of the bay window over to the brown recliner and back to the sofa again. Occasionally they made a quick pit stop by taking a hop, skip and a jump on to the loveseat and right off again and on to the next piece of furniture that was serving as their "base."

It was during one of those frenzied chases that one or perhaps both of them landed simultaneously in the brown recliner. The chair that sits with its back to the back of the computer desk chair. And upon doing that -landing in the recliner -they hit with such force that it pushed the chair back down into the reclining position and furthermore, it moved it the two foot or so across the floor and right smack dab into the back of my computer desk chair -with me in that one, no less.

Now that's really a pretty good display of strength right there that they could move that big recliner and that when it hit into my chair, it even moved me and my chair then too!

Later that day, when I was back in my "normal" chair -the blue recliner -these two little furballs apparently decided to relieve their racing and chasing from earlier in the day only this time, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of them posturing towards each other for their next set of running games!

These pictures of Fluff-Nuts and Sammy are dedicated to one of my blogger buddies and a big, big cat lover, down in Georgia -FERMICAT!

Okay -now that they've had their fun, running and jumping, racing and chasing, they found the bottom of the blanket I had thrown over my legs and decided it was then time to settle down and maybe take a little nap.

And here's Chino -who watched the whole picture taking event from one of her vantage points atop some piece of furniture in the room. Just one look at her face and doesn't it give you the idea she's just been watching and thinking "What a royal pair of idiots those two are!


Maggie May said...

There is nothing more lovely than to watch 2 little animals having fun!
They are strong though to startle you like that!
I think Chino is the smartest! She looks as though she is above that kind of thing!

Nuts in May

Jenny said...

What a cute post. I love all the pictures and this reminds me so much of the way our pets used to chase each other through the house. They don't look very big, though, it's crazy they could push that chair back down. PS I have no idea how I got to your blog! ha!

Sandee said...

Sounds like they are just having a great time. That's a good thing. I'm betting that they make you laugh more than not. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Skittles said...

I had to come here after reading the lead in from FB. It's ok that I was laughing the whole time I was reading, right?

Is that the sweet little kitty we almost brought home with us?

terri said...

What a couple of cuties those two are! And they have such personality!

I know what you mean about it sounding like a herd of elephants! My two cats will often chase through the house and it's amazing the noise these normally lightweight and graceful creatures can make when they want!

Linda said...

Well, they are just kids at heart and it sounds like they get along famously even if they did get a little rowdy and rude! Much better than getting caught in the middle of a fight with teeth flashing and hair a'flying! Now THAT would have been rude!

發燙 said...

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................

Suldog said...

Funny story! Sort of a Rube Goldberg moment - "...cat chased by dog jumps on chair and pushes chair into reclining position, which impacts chair B...", etc.

When I was a kid, we often had more than one cat. It was always a thrill to see two of them come tearing into a room, bounce off of a few pieces of furniture, and then exit stage left.

Deb said...

You can just see the energy in the eyes of those two! Our pets keep us young ~ at least that's what I have read. :)

Travis said...

Sounds like they had quite the grand romp!