Saturday, February 06, 2010

Great Night!

Remember the song by the Four Seasons -"Oh What a Night?" Ok, so it's not December but boy, tonight was one that was that kind of night -memorable!

I did some cleaning earlier today, knowing older daughter Carrie and Robert (her fiance) would be here this evening, I wanted the place to look at least semi-decent, somewhat clean. I had scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floors for openers but in doing that, I came across something on the dining room floor -which are hardwood but they are also very old, very much in need of being refinished.

When I was cleaning the dining room floor I came across some green markings on the floor that refused to come out. I know what it is too. It's a little bit of lime green silly putty that my son was playing with the other day when he was here -trying to entertain Kurtis with it -and there were little dabble and strings of it all over the floor. I though we'd managed then to get it all peeled up and off the wood but apparently I was wrong about that as there was this one mark -about 2 inches in length left behind that I absolutely can not, could not, get it to come off today. I'm gonna have to look into some heavy duty cleaner to get that taken care of I suppose. Wonder if some Anilox roll cleaner would do the trick? Gonna take something special plus a lot of elbow grease me thinks!

But by the time we finished supper and even had a little cake for dessert and the floor looked like it had never been touched! Amazing how many crumbs a 4-year-old can make with one itty-bitty slice of cake, isn't it? Since next Thursday is Mandy's birthday and since Carrie and Robert were able to be here today, I gave Mandy the camera her siblings and I had bought for her birthday. Figured when she goes out to Arizona next month to visit their Dad it would be nice for her to have her own nice little digital camera to take with her and be able to record the trip easily then.

She's definitely got to get a memory card though because right now, the internal memory will only hold about 4 photos! How do I get that adjusted so it will hold more than that anyway? (Remember, I know nothing about cameras to begin with and especially not about digital cameras.)

But the bottom line there is that she was really surprised and very pleased with this nice little Kodak M340 that we got her. Hope it holds up and gives her as much service, at least, as my little Kodak M853 has provided to me for the past 3 years now.

After supper, we -the four of us -decided it would be fun to play cards -500 Rummy -an old favorite card game for all of us.

When I was much younger, several of the kids who lived around here back then and I would often play cards -and yes, we would always play 500 Rummy. My grandparents, Mom and I often played this game too on winter nights -back before we ever got a tv set as well. My ex-husband and I used to play this game or Gin Rummy too and we kept a running total, at a penny a point too, of how much I owed him. It's not that I'm really that terrible at playing cards but rather that my ex-husband is an expert at cheating! (Yeah, and not just at cards either I might add.)

My point in mentioning that aspect is because this evening we called my son and invited him to come down and join us too -knowing full well he would refuse because he, unlike his Dad, or me or my ancestors -or even his Dad's family -cannot hold a hand of cards without them being all splayed out so there is no secret as to what cards he has in his hand. Everyone imaginable can see them and quite easily too! So we do pick on him and tease him about having a rousing card game and he really should come and join us, ya know.

Well tonight, it was fun though playing the game. Daughter Mandy beat Robert, Carrie's fiance out by only a couple of point. All three of them got over 500 points with the last hand while I was left out in the cold with a mere 150 points. Not fair. I think one or maybe all three of them were cheating, don't 'cha know.

But the funniest thing of all that happened was that Kurtis was messing around, crawling on the floor under the table, playing with Sammy the dog, and stood up suddenly and forgot when he stood up that he was under the table so he gave his head a really big clunk, which of course, got him crying like crazy. We babied him a bit and Mandy told him she would give him some medicine for his head -so he wouldn't have a headache and she gave him a dabble of allergy meds that he takes(mainly to help him fall asleep when he's having a hard time of doing that. She gave him about a teaspoon of the stuff in one of those little-bitty dosage cups for kids ya know and he came into the dining room where our card game was going on, holding this little cup of meds and proceeded to pour it on his head.

Well,what else would you expect when his mother told him it was medicine to make his head feel better?

And when we saw him starting to pour that on his head, onto his hair, all four of us just about fell out of our chairs laughing so hard at the poor kid! But at least it got him to laughing too as he watching us howling like that at his expense!

All in all though, it was a good night and even with the cleaning problems I had (still have as a matter of fact) it was a good day as well as night today!

It's such a light-hearted way to have a good time and make for a really enjoyable get-together when you polish off the evening with a fun game of 500 Rummy with family like we did. The insults may fly fast and furious at times, but when all is said and done, it does make that old song ring really true!


Jenn said...

FUNNY. Two suggestions on the floor.
a) that orange goop that mechanics wash the grease off their hands with

b)liquid dish detergent or scrubbing bubbles

c)if all else fails... PEANUT BUTTER and a dry wash cloth.


Jenn said...

meant to say 3 possible things.

Linda said...

Indeed it sounds like it was quite the night!

With a digital camera, you almost always need a memory card in order to have any sort of picture capacity at all as the internal memories are just not that big. The only way to get more than 4 pictures on that is to adjust the size of the images that you are taking so that it uses less JPGs. It sounds like it might be set for "Fine" at this point which means it's going to be using more space. Check the manual and see if there is a way to take smaller pictures but bear in mind that smaller pictures also lower the quality of the picture. Thankfully memory cards have come way down in price; I'd recommend at least a 2GB as then you can take LOTS of pictures and not worry about running out of space and having to clear the card every time you turn around.

Debbie said...

I have a post about playing games set to run tomorrow! And sorry about the silly putty. That stuff is fun to play with but deadly to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kurtis, hope it didn't hurt too much! I remember playing Rummy as a child but couldn't remember it now. Sounds like a lovely time you had.

CJ xx

Sandi McBride said...

There is absolutely nothing as much fun as a big family card game! We played Rummy 500 and Blitz...and now when everyone gets together, we still do! Ah the memories you brought back,Jeni! Happy Birthday to Mandy!!! I know she'll enjoy her camera. Memory cards are not so hard to come by nor are they all that expensive anymore...can't wait to see the pics she takes of Arizona!

Suldog said...

Rummy 500! I used to play that with My Mom when I was a kid! Haven't played it in years - not sure I'd remember how, now.