Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fundamentals: Reading!

I know by now you all are probably tired, even really bored,with my constant rambling here about my hobby -embroidering. I'm pretty sure I have also mentioned from time to time that I do like to read and that I have a stack of books -probably 15-18 books as a matter of fact -sitting on the bookshelf in my room, unread!

For me, in the past, any book that entered this house was devoured, usually within a week by me or by Mandy at times too. Yeah, we both do love to read. And we both used to read a lot. She still does a good bit of reading but me, not so much.

Just can't seem to make the time to do that, what with the blog, my blog reader, the kids, cooking supper and yes, of course, the never-ending stream of embroidery projects I have waiting in the wings to tackle just as soon as I finish whatever happens to be my current one. (There are a few other things waiting for me to get around to them too and they're not getting done either!)

But anyway, Mandy showed me today that Amazon books offers some darned good prices on best-seller books and such and also, that we can purchase a copy of the newest book -due out on March 2nd -by Jodi Picoult!

Jodi Picoult just happens to be the author that Mandy and I both LOVE! We've purchased every single book she's written and had published thus far. Our own little private collection ya know of books by Jodi Picoult which we then loan out to various friends around here who we've also introduced to her works and who enjoy reading her books almost as much as Mandy and I do!

Now I know I don't NEED another book to add to my collection of books to be read but the thing is, with Jodi Picoult, it will grab my attention enough as soon as it is brought into the house -provided I get it away from Mandy before she starts into reading it, and for the length of time it will take me to read this new piece of literature, it will pull me away from my crafting stuff, completely!

I know too as some of you, my readers, have said in your blogs that you have a strong aversion to her work but from the first book of hers that Mandy and I bought and read, we have never had any reaction the least bit like that to her stuff.

So, for now, we're both anticipating March 2nd with a whole lot of excitement and yes, you can bet money we'll be getting a copy of that book as soon as possible too!


Uncle Skip, said...

Who cares about what others think about your reading list? It's not your problem to remedy. It's theirs.

TechnoBabe said...

I have read every one of Jodi Picoult's books, but from the library. For me, reading is my first priority. Cleaning house is last.

Travis said...

We readers never actually need another book. But we buy them anyway!

Marguerite said...

I'm with Uncle Skip! I'm not familiar with this author, but I am going to check her out! Enjoy the new book!

Debbie said...

She is great! I love her books:)

terri said...

You KNOW I'm a fan of Jodi Picoult too! Thanks for the heads up on the new book!