Friday, February 12, 2010

Another One Done!

Woo Hoo! I'm on a roll, ya know!

So far this year, I've now completed four projects from my embroidery project stash container and for me, that's really an impressive record.

I did the Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Sample, a pillow case featuring Winnie The Pooh for my grandson, Kurtis and a pretty little tabletopper with a blue and yellow floral spray in each corner and that piece also is trimmed with a very lovely yellow lacey-type, crocheted edging. (No, I didn't do the edging as I'm not that adept at fine crochet -probably never will be either, for that matter.)

And tonight, I finished up the fourth item -another tabletopper. The name of this piece is called simply Cherries and it is a very simple design too. Just four blocks on the cloth with a three cherries on a stem.

See what I mean here:
The dimensions of this piece are 33 inches, square and I finished it in six days but I have to confess there were two days in which so many other things were backing up on me that I did only minimal work on it on those two days.

I've decided to store these projects too in the heavy plastic bag the kit came in. It protects them from dust and what not accumulating and also, keeps them neat and pressed looking.

And one thing I'm always on the lookout for is the best wrinkle treatment cause I sure do hate to iron! Shucks, I don't know for sure where the iron is and apparently Mandy figured if she pitched the ironing board, that would eliminate the need for ever ironing stuff again cause that's what she did! Just threw the darned thing out.

But I'm gonna have to look for a new, smaller, lighter weight one that I can store easily too cause I really do need an ironing board if/when I ever get into sewing stuff again as well as making sure these embroidered items get the work to show up better from being neatly pressed too. (And yes, I know the incongruity between what I wrote and where I just sent you too -just something off the wall to wake you up, ya know!)

So now, I'm gonna start a new project -of course. While I'm on a roll and the fingers are cooperating with me I may as well keep working on whittling that stash pile down a bit.



Maggie May said...

That looks so professionally done, Jeni. Really lovely.
I am not an expert at keeping linen/cotton from wrinkling. Hope someone comes up with a good tip.

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

Linen and cotton wrinkle and that is what they do so everyone knows they are linen and cotton. I have some linen clothes and like them because of the weight and the material "breathes" but they wrinkle. I would put a large towel with a sheet over it on a table or counter and iron on it when I didn't have an ironing board and that way didn't have another thing to find room for. You are accomplishing so much lately. Must be because you are past all the year end holidays and busyness that time of year brings. Nice work on the Cherries tabletopper!

terri said...

I think you're embroidering faster than I'm reading books these days!