Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dog Meds?

I heard on the news this a.m. that Punxsy Phil did, in fact, see his shadow this morning. Hmmm. I'm wondering where the sun went between shortly after 7 a.m. when his shadow sighting took place to now.

Sammy (AKA Chippy) and I just went for a walk. Well, it's not me walking the dog as much as it is him, walking me! Or maybe, trotting me, almost running me!

For as small a dog as he is, those little shoulders do have a heck of a lot of strength in 'em because he really can pull a lot of weight along. I'm definitely not what would be categorized as a "lightweight" -far from that -and when he starts moving, and starts to pull harder on his lead, it sure does make my fat legs break out into as near to a trot speed as I can possibly muster!

Good exercise though, for me. Yes, I do know that it is and yes, I should be doing this walk thing with him regularly, at least once a day -even more probably.

As it is now, we walk up to the intersection in the middle of town and turn there to return home -roughly a mile and a half, round-trip. Enough to help me with my meager exercise regimen but more of this kind of exercise would certainly do me a lot more good too. And eventually -like when it warms up a bit more -I will add another walk to our daily schedule. Who knows but maybe I'll get really ambitious and do three walks a day. WOW! That would give me almost 5 miles of walking daily. Surely that would take off at least one ugly pound every now and again, wouldn't it?

Sammy astounds me though each time we go out as I wonder just how darned big his bladder must be? How many gallons of pee can this little mutt hold there, anyway? And his control too -how does he do that to just whiz a dibble here, a drab there and on and on that process goes -this telephone pole, this tire, that tree, a big clump of snow, mud and the cinder mix the road crews throw down after a fresh cover of snow on the road? And he isn't even the one doing the walking who is taking a prescription for Detrol! Amazing, isn't it?

I wonder too about dogs and how and why they pick these particular spots to relieve themselves too. And why does he walk/trot/run with his nose constantly almost on the ground, sniffing his way through the outdoor world here?

He knows too most every house that has a dog living there too. The neighbors across the road have a couple of dogs that are "outdoor" dogs -living in big pens up in their back yard but they don't seem to excite Sam. Not near as much as the house about six doors up from us who have a dog about his size but it is always inside and likes to bark at us at times, as we walk by. Now when we near that house, he strains at his leash a bit more and likes to dance around on the bank in front of their house -kind of trying to attract that dog's attention to his being outside and that dog being kept in as we go by.

And, the house up by the intersection -they have a big lab and he's fully aware that dog lives there! That one is still a puppy really -not yet to his full size and as he is right now, it would take three, maybe four Sammys to equal him in size and stature. He's not always outside though and although Sam knows this dog lives there, he doesn't get too worked up unless that dog is staked out in the yard. THEN, Sammy goes bonkers! Barking, taking all kinds of stances that indicate he would like to attack -no growling though (well, one time he did growl at that dog and that was the first day he saw him.) But how brave he tries to act when we get to that place and if he sees that pretty Lab! You'd think Sam has some kind of mix in him of a fighting dog with his antics there. (And yet at home, all Nina -the Mama cat -has to do is to look at his cross-eyed and let out one little hiss and he runs, backwards, yipping, yelping, crying like he has been severely wounded!

ZToday, when we came back inside after our brisk stroll, Chino was out in the entranceway and they had a little sniffing contest but no exchange of "words" between them. Fluffer-nutter, the semi-insane kitten (who pretty soon will no longer be considered a kitten as he's growing up) is there waiting for Sam too and with a flick of his tail, he's telling Sam "Let's roll. Let the games and the chasing begin!"

And off the two of them go -racing and chasing each other around the living room, up the stairs, down the stairs, jump on the couch, then off to the loveseat and oh, let's not forget to take a big leap onto the brown recliner, hitting it with such a vengance that it moves the chair backwards almost two feet and it bangs into my chair here at the computer.

And if I was maybe feeling a bit drowsy after that walk, being bumped by this big recliner as I type sure knocked that feeling out of me.

Here's the two hellions, what they do after they are through racing and chasing each other for a while!

Till the next time, that is.

Later, 'Taters!


Sandee said...

No matter what Phil sees or doesn't see there is always six more weeks of winter. Sigh.

Have a terrific day. :)

... Paige said...

winter will last til it is over, you know it always does.

when Andrew, one of my sons, was very small he would chase the cat and then the cat would chase him. Funny how play is.

If you walk right after you eat it will use your meal calories faster...or so I heard anyways

Linda said...

I think that Phil has actually made up his mind that he's going to act like he saw his shadow whether he really did or not just to torture us humans! Were I a groundhog, I'm pretty sure that's what I'd do!

Ah well, one can only hope for a mild six weeks, right??

TechnoBabe said...

Six more weeks and then it is all over, right? We don't have a pet but it sure is fun to watch and hear the cats and dogs chase and run. I wish I had the energy to chase and run. We will start bike riding again when winter is over and I will have to go slowly and get used to riding the bike again. We go to the bike trails. Keep up your walking, good for you, and you are an inspiration to the rest of us.

Debo Blue said...

I miss having animals in the family. Since we lost Sebastian three years ago, we've not found another to love. Maybe this summer.

terri said...

It sounds like Sammy is just so eager to explore the path along your walk, no matter how many times you've gone the same route. Dogs are easily pleased. That's what makes them such great pets.

Jocelyn said...

How funny, the idea of that dog yanking you down the street, lifting his leg everywhere. I bet if you get up to three walks a day, you'll see some changes in your sleep patterns!

Suldog said...

Yeah, I wonder about that a-little-bit-of-pee-here-and-a-little-bit-of-pee-there thing, too. Not so much the marking of the territory, but if they know when they're approaching home, to go back indoors, do they understand that they should get rid of the rest of it now or forever hold it (at least, until the next walk?)

Deb said...

Hi ~ I walk my dog regularly and it is much like your daily walk. Stop,sniff, pee, pull me, bark at any other moving creature, stop, pee, ...I am exhausted after our walk. Keep on walking every day and you will see results. I have found that I am sleeping better since daily exercise was introduced. Keep on moving ! Take care.