Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Traveling Around

When I got up this morning and began my "rounds" -checking my e-mail, reading the newspaper online and then, of course, heading off to see what my reader holds today, I saw that I had received a very nice gift from a fellow blogger -that being "Post of the Day" at the blog of David McMahon.

After taking the time this morning to visit those folks also listed on his "POTD" today, I thought I'd take a little time here to tell others -as I have done on occasions in the past, but not frequently enough -about David and his blog.

Authorblog -that's the name of David's place. Bookmark that spot! That's my advice for the day!

David is a truly fascinating individual - a writer, having published two books now as well as being an excellent photo-journalist too. If you like to view great photographs, then David's place most certainly has plenty of that for you to gaze at in wonder and awe -at the subjects as well as at his techniques -which he almost always explains too. He also gives information about the subject in his posts as well -presenting interesting stories about people, places and things he encounters in his work, in his personal travels too.

Every day, David has little blurbs on his blog of news items he's found across the globe -usually of a kind of incredible type of news to which his comment on these pieces is a pun -some of which are real groaners too, but if you enjoy puns -which I do -you can have a field day reading his bits of news there. Also, his funny verses he posts every day as well -really a great way to jog one out of a bit of a funk at times -well, almost all the time, come to think of it!

Once a week he also does a feature post -where he interviews another blogger, gives the backdrop on how that person came to be a blogger, shows a bit about the person as well as the blog. A very nice gesture to anyone who enjoys the blogging scene.

But, his "Post of the Day" is one of the greatest features of all on his blog and I say that not because today happened to be my day in the spotlight there but because through his recommendations of other bloggers' posts, I know I have found so many bloggers, now on my favorites list -and many with whom I communicate via e-mail too, not just through blog comments.

Whether you check David's blog and start following his Post of the Day, in particular, and make new friends or just enjoy reading some interesting pieces, viewing some of the finest photo blogs around, trust me, adding his blog to your favorites list is something I can't imagine any one ever regretting.

Go now, try it! Betcha you'll like his place too. Come back and tell me whether you think I was right or wrong about Authorblog and the interesting things you can see and learn there!


mrsnesbitt said...

It is indeed a great place to be. I have the fortune of knowing David as a fellow contributor to my ABC Wednesday...soon to be round 4! Great to meet you.


boomer chick said...

Wow, I'll definitely go check him out. I love adding new blogs to my blogroll. Thanks, Jeni!

thailandchani said...

i'll definitely check it out. I was just blog-surfing which is how I found your site. :)


Trisha Rolling said...

Jeni, frst of all thank you for ur encouraging words for the new bolgger, I write to connect wth people as I love people but dnt have the drive or adequate dispostion to go socialise in person(am basically shy n reticent), so whn somone takes time to make an attempt to connect or acknow it feels am in the loop all right and all's right wth God's world.
Abt this idea tht u review here, its great like the Fri post idea. It has two advantages:
1)it highlights a readable blog, making it easier for wanderes like us to find it in one place, as we often connect to others from the sites of friend's blogs
2) its a great and warm way to live,nice way to keep the reading community together.

Anonymous said...

I found David's blog early on and it has been an inspiration to me. Not only for his wonderful photos and stories, but for his huge generosity in trawling blogland to find 'new blogs' for us all to enjoy, but with his Post of the Day...that not only reveals new bloggers to us but honours us when we catch his eye.

Linda said...

Congratulations on being named POTD at David's blog! That's quite the accomplishment and one that I'm sure is certainly well-deserved!

Vic Grace said...

Agreed, I recently asked David how he found the time to read everything and did he get enough exercise, he assures me he does.

Maggie May said...

I completely agree with you, Jennie and congratulations on winning PORD!

terri said...

David sounds fascinating. Going to check him out...