Saturday, November 01, 2008

Of Tricks and Lots of Treats!

Last evening -just as most all kids across the continent went trick or treating -Kurt and Maya dressed for Halloween and even though early in the getting ready to go phase, Kurt was not exactly the happiest camper on the planet, they did both eventually venture out, visited the neighbors' homes (with their parents walking with them) and then, eventually came home, hopped in the car and drove off to hit up a few friends, including Pastor Carrie, who don't quite live within walking distance of the house. Kurt did pretty well as most of those places although Mandy says he did scream while at Jim and Charmaine's home (that's the couple who used to operate the restaurant on the edge of town and who Mandy worked for off and on over the past couple of years.) Mandy says the reason he screamed was because Charmaine leaned in to give him a kiss and at times, he objects to anyone getting into his space! When Maya learned they were stopping at Jim and Charmaine's, she just associated them with the restaurant -not their home -and wanted to know if they were going to go there and get french fries, so the visit there may have been a tad disappointing from her point of view I suppose.

But anyway -here's some pics and a couple of videos (not the greatest in the video dept and I'm not sure if the audio will come through or not as I couldn't hear any audio when I initially played them after downloading them to the computer. We'll have to see if it works when they come through on the blog I guess. ) So here goes!

The first video here is Kurt and Maya -with her dancing around, showing off her princess poses in her little princess dress. Kurt at this point in the dressing up process, was not being very pleasant, not all that cooperative with us, as you can tell -whether the sound works or not -that he was giving Mandy an earful of opinion there!

The next video is Kurt, in his "little devil" costume. It had a helmet-type hat that went with it but he objected, quite strenuously, to wearing the helmet in the house. He did finally allow them to put it on him when he actually went outside and headed off for his first-time of trick or treating though. On this video, you really have to watch it clear to the end for then you can see exactly what it was that was uppermost in his mind during this "dressing up" process here. It totally cracked Mandy and me up when we saw this!

Here's some photos of both the kids on trick or treat night!

I'm not sure what the significance is of the black wing-like apparatus on his shoulders -kind of looks like bat wings, but he's supposed to be a little devil -or so I thought.

Here's Princess Maya -all dressed up, ready to roll!

Well, looks like there is something amiss here now! I had a couple other photos to upload of the kids last night, plus some pertaining to our church bazaar today too that I wanted to share with you. However, Blogger and Google or Picasa Web -whatever you care to call it -is not being cooperative with me. When I tried to upload another photo, it gave me an error that I have exceeded my limits with Picasa or Blogger photo storage or some such thing. Well, I went to my account -which I had purchased additional storage, 10G as a matter of fact, beyond the 1GB of free stuff you get with Google (G-mail, etc) and it says there that yes, I only have a teensy bit of the free space available but I have not even begun to dip into the 10GB that I recently purchased -about a month ago now! So what the Hell is this all about then!???

Anyway, guess that curbs my photo posting for a bit and puts a whole different spin on my topic for tonight too since I can't show you the other photos that tied in with the rest of my event here today!

RATS! Hope this is just a little glitch and not a continuation of "trick or treating" for this year!

Be back when I -hopefully -am able to figure out what the heck is going on!
Cheers - and Peace!


fermicat said...

Happy Halloween!

Morgan Mandel said...

Thought I'd post in both spots just in case the Blogger Goblin Got the Other Win.

Great pics!

Morgan Mandel

terri said...

It's so fun to see the kids on video! The one of Kurtis chasing his tail is priceless!