Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Needed: Time and Energy

I've been telling you since mid-August about my renewed interest in embroidery and about the projects I've made so far. You're very probably getting tired of hearing about them but truth be told, I can't help myself as I am really, REALLY quite astonished at what I have accomplished in the past three months now!

You see, I am normally not fast when it comes to crafting -especially NOT when it comes to embroidery. I'm also very notorious to family and friends for starting some projects and then, within upwards of a week or two -once in a while the surge of interest will hold up for a month -I tend to disband all operations I had just undertaken.

I've got stuff in my "stash" -and anyone who sews, knits, crochets, embroiders, etc -knows exactly what I mean when I talk about having a "Stash" -that I've had in there, somethings for several years. I have at least three large plastic tote containers in the basement stuffed full of various yarns, plus two smaller totes and a couple of large, heavy-duty zippered plastic bags (the kind that a small quilt or maybe a blanket may have originally called home) also filled with yarns. I've got four-ounce skeins of four-ply yarns, enough to make probably two, maybe three full-sized afghans, or a couple baby afghans. I have a gazillion skeins of the fun-fur yarns -in numerous shades -that I bought when I was on a kick, making narrow, furry-type scarves from a pattern I got after my late aunt Mary had made and sent my daughters, Maya and me all handmade scarves from this type of yarn. Plus, I have a big bag of about 25-30 scarves that I made too when I was on the scarf-knitting kick. I haven't touched those yarns and my knitting needles in several months -probably well over a year now I would imagine.

I have about five, maybe six of the large plastic totes filled with fabric too -for whenever I decide to go on another sewing kick! There are at least two, maybe three boxes of sewing patterns too, all stowed under my bed, just waiting to be put into use as well.

And then along comes this sudden urge to embroider. Why, I have no clue but it just hit me back in early August and I haven't lost it yet. I've even added to my stash since then as well -considerably so. I now have at least three, possibly four larger tableclothes waiting, a couple new dresser scarf sets, two more pillow case sets along with several other types of embroidery work waiting for me to dig into and make up. Christmas is coming -faster than ever, or so it seems, and I need to have as much of this needlework stuff done so that come mid-December I'll be able to stop and get cracking on the binge I will no doubt pick up then -baking Christmas cookies!

What I need right now is a lot more time -time to finish as many of the things I want to make for gifts and such. And in addition to time, I really need lots and lots more energy too!

Last night, when I started working on the newest tablecloth project here, i worked on it all night -from about just before midnight until a little after 8 a.m. this morning. And if I'm going to keep up with stuff, maintain hours like that, I'm gonna need me some good energy stuff or at the very least, some Ephedrasil Hardcore.

I wonder if that stuff works anything like the lovely little things I used to take way back in my much younger, party-hearty days did? Maybe I should check it out.


Vic Grace said...

I hope you keep up the enthusiasm for our projects until they are all finished I usually run out of stem before they get done.

Dianne said...

I wish I was talented that way but I know what you mean about time. I have been trying to find more time for my writing and photography.

It get frustrating when you have to put what you want to do on the back burner.

You said so motivated!! Maybe you'll end up with an Etsy shop :)

Travis said...

We might do some baking in December. It's been a long time since I tried it. Could be fun!

Kat said...

I wish I were a more crafty person, but I'm just not. I've made each of my boys a baby blanket and that is about all I can do. Ah well. Good luck with yours!

Mary said...


I also have had an urge lately to do some embroidery. It's been a long time since I took any in hand and I think you've inspired me.

I used to knit and crochet and have a couple of baby afghans here that I need to trim for Griffyn and Tarryn for Christmas.

Aunt May is still resting comfortably. Thank you so much for your kind words, love and support in this difficult time.

Blessings and hugs,

terri said...

I think we all have a stash of some sort. Mine is rubber stamps, inks, papers, and accesories for cardmaking, which I haven't touched in years. Since I got my camera and started blogging, and working full time, I haven't found time for it.