Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One of These Days

Do you ever utter those words -"One of these days" and then follow it with something you think you will do because you know you really should? I'm notorious for saying that and often following it with a threat -very Jackie Gleasoneque as he would do when playing Ralph Kramden, the blustery bus driver, speaking to his wife, Alice. "One of these days, Alice, I'm gonna fly you to the moon." All the while, shaking his fist at Alice.

Yeah, I have been know to say that a lot to my kids, when they were youngsters, still do that with them to this day too if they really get my panties in a bunch. More often than not now though, I'm saying the "one of these days" routine to Maya, trying to reason with her to pick up her toys, to go sit on the potty, to sit up at the table, shut up and eat -also another of my famous expressions here to my kids in years long since passed now.

But on many occasions now I use that phrase when talking about myself, to myself, to whoever happens to be here and I'm expressing things about myself I'd really like to change. One, as you've heard me say on numerous occasions pertains to my weight and the other involves something I am heavily addicted to and know I should quit before it's too late - smoking. I know, I know! And if I don't give up this vile habit soon, I'm gonna end up being just as bad off as someone with Mesothelioma, aren't I?

One of these days though, I will quit! Just need to get up my nerve and gumption.


Dianne said...

Me too Jeni! Me too!!

Mrs4444 said...

Yes, you will! Now put that butt down and get on the treadmill (so I can live vicariously through you.)