Friday, November 07, 2008

Good On Friday Time

Boy, it's just a darned good thing I happened to click on Twitter and saw a "twit" there from Shelly Tucker -the lovely lady story teller from down in Texas who, just last week, started this Friday thing she called "Good on Friday." Every Friday, anyone who signs up for this is supposed to post things that are or were "good" in your life, around you -whatever -just remember the good things on Friday.

I could offer up a lot of excuses as to how I darned near forgot about this -like I was up till 4 a.m. this morning, finishing up the tablecloth I've been talking about here for the past 3-4 weeks. Or I could tell you it was because I had to cook supper for the two middle stepgrandkids -and our family too, of course, tonight. It might also be because Maya was in a tizzy this evening, driving me slightly bonkers wanting to "Make a pretty snowflake because she is a big girl now and she is also Gram!" (Yes, she has quite a vivid imagination at times, telling me that she is now ME because, after all, she is this "big girl" now, you see. I could also tell you it is because since I finished that tablecloth, I have now begun work on a new project -a set of pillowcases with embroidered snowflakes of a very, very pale blue floss that has a strand of silvery filament-type floss that gets worked in with the light blue floss to give the snowflakes in the design a really pretty, kind of sparkling effect.

All those would be true too! I did do all of those things today. And right now, as I write this, I am half-way to completeing one pillow case already! WOW! Moving right along there at warp speed ya know. (Well, for me, it is warp speed.)

But the main reason I hadn't yet done my "Good on Friday post -very simply -because I forgot about it. This of course is due to the fact that I am OLD, yes, very old now, and also senile, yes, very senile!

And you know what, all of those above things I mentioned as my excuses? Well every last one of them is something that is "Good" and this being that special day to recognize the "Good", well there you have 'em!

Having the step-grands here for supper tonight was nice -especially since both of them even went for seconds on the spaghetti I made and the really yummy stuffed breadsticks we had to eat with the spaghetti. All too often, these two can be a bit on the picky side at the dinner table but tonight, apparently my choice of entrees must have hit the spot! Yep, that's a good thing, isn't it?

That I finished the tablecloth in the wee hours this morning -that is REALLY a good thing! Quite a relief to have that project ended and a new one now begun already. And, that I have made as much progress already as I have -also a very good thing!

Maya and her mini-meltdown -the little fit she was having just prior to supper too where she wanted me to put a piece of fabric on the table -a very pretty piece of material with butterflys all over it in multiple pastel shades - well, it was at the time not exactly a nice sight, very frustrating initially to talk her out of that idea and to redirect her to something else, but the good thing is that frequently now, we are often able to redirect her mini-meltdowns! THAT, my friends, is really a very good thing!

And the best thing too now that I finally remembered to do this post is that my cousin out in Indianapolis, who I was supposed to have a "date" with to chat tonight on messenger, has finally signed on! (Yes, we schedule our "chats" now because you see, he is busy during the week days now, babysitting his four little grandchildren, all under the age of three and Friday nights is generally the only time he can stay up a little bit later and be able to chat like we used to do during the week days and frequently.

So now, I'm off to go talk to my cousin and the rest of you all talk amongst yourselves will you please.

I'm just so happy to say I even still have my cousin around to chat with now and again -so that really does make that -and the upcoming chat -a really "Good on Friday" thing, ya know!


This Eclectic Life said...

Those are all good things, Jeni! Thanks for posting an Only The Good. Enjoy your chat with your cousin. I envy you. I don't even know where my cousins are these days!

terri said...

Wow, you are an embroidering MANIAC! I hope you'll post pictures of the completed projects.

I love these posts. They're so uplifting and I'm seeing them in my blog circles under various titles, but all are a way of making a point to recognize all that is good in life.

Rolling said...

I stumbled upon a lot of delightfully life loving people lately thru one of my blogmate's blogroll and urs is one of these, Jennifer, I love embroidering too and wd post pistures of mine for you later during winter vacs, right now we are back in school after our Diwali vacs during wh time I spent hours reading all of ur blogs.
But your Friday Post about something Good is a great idea to keep one in touch with the good parts of life and I think am going to give it a try and join the tribe that does it.
Thanks for the great time I had here this autumn afternoon, t.c.