Friday, July 25, 2008

Those Little Things

I've been dilly-dallying around the past day or so -reading a book, that I finally finished ("Juniper Tree Burning") the flipping over to the computer to read a blog or two -or ten, maybe -but hadn't really concentrated on getting all the new posts showing on my reader completed between Wednesday and this morning -until a few minutes ago, when I read the last of the new posts.

In the wake of the car problems, it appears that finding a decent used-but-new-to-me transmission that would be affordable will be a really difficult task followed by the even more difficult job for my son-in-law to then find adequate time to install a different tranny in the van. So this week, the lack of a vehicle of my own has had me somewhat bummed out as well as more than a little anxious about how I would acquire another vehicle to replace the van. I'm far from a rich old disabled/retiree and don't have but a couple extra bucks laying around -and they would be "George Washington's" unfortunately anyway. However, I did manage to do two posts this week of the paid variety and for that little bit of extra buckaroonies it will bring to my coffers eventually, I'm really happy -and thankful. I'm especially thankful because one of them was done with the group that I have, in the past, often had a lot of difficulty even finding a post I was eligible to accept and then, frequently ended up doing a post that wasn't going to net me any money because I couldn't get them to submit properly. Somehow or other, Blogger was changing the anchor text and changing it around thus making the URL not go where it was supposed to lead the reader -and this in turn would make the post unacceptable to the powers that be who decide if they will accept it and shell out any money back to me for my work but I finally got a post for them done and it went through! Yippy Skippy! Maybe now, if I can build up a little better understanding here of the "edit html" side on posting, I can work around that issue and be able to get a couple more posts done to earn a little extra cash after all. Yeah, that would be great and I will really be thankful if that happens.

Along the expense lines with the car problems though, something has happened that looks like it will resolve my being without a car in the near future. My son-in-law is working in a "partnership" type thing with a man who has a used car lot with his son and son-in-law. The SIL is their mechanic. His partner offered a vehicle he has available there with my old van as a trade and my son-in-law is going to throw in a junker he had been planning to take to the car recycling place to sell it for the metal there for this fine unit thus it will only cost me the transer fees and for the expense then of a few smallish parts the buggy needs to make it a good unit. Probably will cost me then between $100-$150 total -and that is my kind of car price tag ya know!

This future vehicle of mine is a 1998 Jeep Cherokee, 4-door, 4-wheel drive too and it has about 28,000 fewer miles on the odometer than the van had when I got it about 18 months ago! So, hopefully within the week -if I am lucky -the SIL will have it all ready to go and I can be zipping around in my own set of wheels again! Ah, independence that only comes from having a means of transportation of your own! YAY! For that I am doubly gonna be thankful, ya know!

Wednesday night was the night the Schwann Man comes around here and Mandy made a few purchases from him. Sadly, I was not really completely thankful for that because you see, he was all out of those scrumdelicious cheese-stuffed bread sticks he normally has and which we have been purchasing on a bi-weekly basis now for a little over a month! Gosh, they are yummy and both the little ones here really love them and gobble them down with much gusto too! He better do a double stocking of those breadsticks when he comes around again two weeks from now and if he does, you can bet your bottom dollar I will really, really be very thankful for that.

However, as I was trying to find places in the freezer to stash the purchases Mandy got from him -and was having a really difficult time with that job too -some item started to slip and slide and almost fell out on my foot but I did manage to grab it and get it repositioned in the freezer without it hitting my foot and then the floor. But in the process of doing that and in my excited state of mind then, I made some comments meant to be (well, they should have been anyway) said more or less under my breath but they came out a little louder than necessary and gee, don't you know, there was an echo in the kitchen about 2 seconds after I made those mutterings. Some expletives that often come forth from my mouth when I am in a very agitated state -which I was at that time. The echo machine -none other, of course, than sweet little Maya who repeated only the cuss words I had just said -nothing else of my mutterings! My older daughter happened to be here Wednesday evening when all this happened and she about wet herself, howling in laughter at my dilemma with Maya and the language (bad) thing! Why is it so darned funny when your kids catch you in a pickle like that anyway?

Although I am not condoning or encouraging Maya to say these things that Grammy lets fly from time to time, to be honest, I have to say that I am actually thankful that she did pick up that utterance and repeat it though because it speaks for itself then that she is learning -and learning -and learning -and that, is a very good thing. So guess in a weird way, I am thankful to see that is happening in her.

Tonight thought, Maya had been out for a little while, had Kurtis with her and when they came back home, she was playing around with him out in the kitchen and I was in what the kids tease me and call my "normal position" -that being parked here in front of the computer. Mandy started to sing to Kurtis -"Old MacDonald had a farm..." and as she began to sing the ei-ei-o chorus, I heard another voice singing that part too! And boy, hearing that brought tears to the eyes and a whole bunch of thankfulness deep down inside me because you see, it was Kurtis -yes, Kurtis --who was singing the chorus along with her! Actually it almost sent me into a state of shock! Mandy said he had done that at least three, maybe four times this afternoon and evening while they were out and she could hardly wait to get back home to get him to show off his new found talent and word! Incredible! After nine months of three different therapists working with him, he is finally beginning to pick up and repeat a word every now and again!

Yep -again -you better believe I am really, REALLY so very thankful!

That song tonight - Music to my ears and I am really looking forward to much more of those things in the days ahead -many more words for which I can consider I am blessed to have these grandchildren in my life and so thankful to see how they are beginning for Kurtis and continuing for Maya to learn!

Ain't life grand though!

And this is my post in connection today to the "Faithful Fridays" done by Blessed1 at Daily Blessings!

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Linda said...

The thing to remember here is YES! Life can be grand (though sometimes it's real easy to forget that!!)