Friday, July 25, 2008

Risk Factors

Last week -a week ago tonight to be exact -as you know, my van broke down on me coming back home from the airport at Pittsburgh.

When I realized the van had problems that appeared to be indicative to me of something serious, my main concern then was how was Maya going to react to all of this? In retrospect, as several friends and some family members have mentioned to me, I had to have had some really good karma going on for me in that this took place on roads that weren't heavily trafficked, my daughter's best friend just happens to live nearby to where the van broke down and she came and rescued us.

But when I think about what would have happened to us if I had not decided to take the route I was on when this happened -if I had come back by trying to go north on Interstate 79 -a very fast moving, four-lane highway, with loads and loads of tractor-trailer traffic on it, odds are that we could very easily have become a big grease spot on the highway had I been on that road when the transmission went out on us.

If that had been the case, odds are about now, Mandy would be busy trying to find help in filing a law suit -probably would have been in need of a darned good truck accident lawyer.

Boy, I sure am glad that isn't the case. Just breathing a big old sigh of relief for the luck that rode with me last Friday night!

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fermicat said...

I'm glad that it all worked out for you!