Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Of Kitten and Small CHildren's Surprises!

Tonight, when Mandy went to get the dishpan out from under the sink, she had a bit of a shock waiting for her.

She wasn't looking -just reached in under the sink to grab the dishpan and felt something different -a little strange as she touched something soft -also, something moving.

She bent down and looked directly in under the sink and look at what she found there!

Yep -there curled up inside the dishpan were all four of our lovely little kittens!

They started getting out of the box we had for them -and for Mama Jorge too, of course -that was out in my bedroom last week. But this week, they've been getting out of the box and my room too! Wandering virtually all over the downstairs of the house.

Bill even spotted a couple of them exiting the litter box too, no less! WOW! I'm impressed with that considering no one had shown them the litter box, put any of them in there, so how did they learn about that anyway? Or maybe they had just been out exploring and wandered into it. Who knows? Kind of hard to ask any of them how they managed to get in to that spot isn't it?

Actually, I find it even harder to try and figure out how they got into the dishpan, under the sink because the only time that cupboard door gets opened is when someone needs to pull the dishpan out to wash dishes! I know they couldn't have figured out how to open the cupboard door now, could they?

And speaking of sights we saw here today, here's something I saw when I realized it was awefully quiet here in the living room and I knew Maya was in here someplace. I turned around and saw her sitting on the loveseat, busy as busy could be. Doing this:
Yep -she was busy alright -admiring her fingernail painting technique!

I walked over to her and saw she was holding not one, but two little bottles of nail polish. One was a light pink, the other -the color you see here on her nails.

I asked her where the heck she had found the nail polish since we have been confiscating any bottles of the stuff we found and putting them all up high - really high -ya know because neither Mandy or I really wanted to have the walls decorated with nail polish, much less having it smeared all over the love seat or the sofa.

Her answer to my question: "At the Goodwill Store."

Hmmm. She got it at the Goodwill Store, did she? I asked Mandy about that and Mandy said yes, she had bought the two bottles but that she hadn't given them to her. Ok, how or where did she manage to have them in her hot little hands then?

Because she knew exactly which bag they were in that Mandy had put on the dining room table and she had very craftily, gone over and slid her little hand inside the bag, found the two little bottles and headed then directly to the loveseat where she had been really busy applying this nifty -bright -shade of pink on her fingers, as well as her nails!

She actually did quite well though -didn't get a drop of the stuff on the upholstry. There's a first for everything and that has to be it for her and holding anything that could possibly stain something yet she managed to not get any of it smeared around other than on her nails and fingers.

The polish is now on top of the china cabinet in the dining room and the kittens -when I last checked out in the kitchen, all four of them were curled up, snoozing (and feeding) away off their ultra patient Mama -Jorge!

Anyone want to wager a bet where we'll find the kittens come morning? Or, who wants to offer an opinion on what little things await us that Maya might manage to get into tomorrow too?

It was definitely a day of surprises in so many ways today. Even Kurtis got into the act too.

He'd been napping this afternoon and I was doing my thing at the computer, reading blogs. I heard him bouncing around in the playpen but as he was just jabbering, playing there, or so it seemed, I didn't initially pay any attention to him. Then pretty soon he started to whine a bit and the whining gradually built in volume and intensity as he was fussing really loud and I glanced over at him.

What a shock I got as he stood there -naked as a jaybird from the waist down!

What the heck? How or why did he manage to take his pants off? I got up and walked over there and when I did, there I saw laying on the floor beside the playpen was his diaper that wasn't ripped or anything so he must have managed to just pull it down and pitch it out, over the side of the playpen.

When I picked it up I gave up a quiet little "thank you" prayer for his good aim that it had landed with the bottom of the diaper on the floor and not upside down. If it had been upside down, I'd have been really busy then trying to not just clean him up but I would have been forced to scrub the floor too because that puppy was fully loaded!

I also thanked my lucky stars that though he had managed to do a strip act, at least he hadn't shown any genetic tendency to do the same things his mother and his Uncle Clate often did to me when they were that age.

They both loved to fingerpaint but only with that certain substance you really -and I do mean REALLY -don't want to have trimming your walls and furniture!

So all in all, it was a fun day -a stripper in action, an artist at work and the meanderings of four little kittens!

Hope your day went as nicely as mine actually did!


Maggie May said...

Oh how lovely. four little kitties. Just as well I can't see them or I'd get all broody for one.

terri said...

I'm SURE those kittens learned to open the cupboard. Mine opens the back patio door if we don't keep it locked. Cats are SMART creatures. (And sneaky!)

Travis said...

Those kitties sure are cute. If I thought Mr Tucker would allow it, I'd have you send one of them by air mail!