Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Master Gardener?

Remember I told you a couple weeks ago how I had decided to try my luck at planting some tomato plants, green pepper plants and even a few cabbage plants in a narrow little strip along the one side of my house that used to be a small flower bed many years ago?

Well, surprise, surprise -the tomato plants are still alive and growing and the pepper plants look ok too. As a matter of fact, I even spotted a couple blossoms on some of the pepper plants too.

By the looks of things I don't think I'll have any success with the cabbage plants thoug as they look like maybe they are still growing -very, very slowly -but the leaves on them are all full of holes, like maybe something has been gnawing at them or some such.

I'm not surprised if they don't survive -I'm really in a pretty big state of shock that any of these plants has lived this long with me, the queen of the black thumb club when it comes to gardening having planted them and semi-tending to them even though they are really crammed in, probably way to close together to produce anything but maybe I just lucked out and managed to buy some really strong and very hearty plants to stick in that little bit of space!

Now, since I've shown you my lovely little veggie plants so you can see for yourself that they are still alive -still kicking, here's some other photos of something blooming at the front corner of my house!
Isn't it pretty? It's mountain laurel that has been growing there in that corner as long as I can remember! Don't have to do anything to it, don't baby it, don't do anything but admire how pretty it is every summer as it blossoms again!
I was so excited over how pretty the Mountain Laurel is and decided to try my hand at some pictures a little closer up. Here's one I managed to get of a little old honey bee, doing it's thing on one of the blossoms on the Mountain Laurel.
Here's a shot of one blossom beside a bud just about ready to burst out into full bloom.

Who knows, maybe some day I will figure out how to best use this lovely little camera I so wisely gave myself for Christmas last year!

Look out! I may do something spectacular yet! Just gonna have to wait and see while I play around with my little pet, my camera!


Minnesotablue said...

Jeni: I sure can relate to not having a green thumb. Of course mine has to do with getting dirt on my hands. Kinda hard to plant when you can't let your hands touch the good earth.

Maggie May said...

You shouldn't be surprised as it is obvious that you have green fingers! Lovely pics!

Suldog said...

That looks like the sort of area I have on the side of my house. I guess I could have done more with it than just let the milkweed and clover run wild, huh? Oh, well.

terri said...

Your plants look GREAT! We always manage to plant our tomatoes too close together, but they just cozy up to each other and produce plenty of tomatoes anyway. You really can't go wrong.

The mountain laurely is gorgeous! I love the bee photo!

Travis said...

Congratulations on the tomatoes and peppers!