Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Houses

I'm sure I've mentioned before that my house is an old house -been in the family for 105 years now. I was born in this house too, although not 105 years ago. Not quite. However, there are some days when I wake up that I feel much, much older than the house is -like maybe 105 going on 350! Arthritis wakes me up most every morning and hangs around all day, bugging me, and to make sure I'm not lonely when I go to sleep at night, it tags along with me then too!

My eyes have been giving me fits lately too now -or perhaps it is that my glasses must need adjusted or something but reading is often difficult too.

Add the vision problems to the fact that in old houses, the wiring often isn't placed in areas that would give the best light placement either. Now, the wiring in this place is good as I had a lot of it redone when I moved in here in 1979 and then, had more work done with respect to the wiring after my dear son managed to catch the house on fire too. Heck of a way to get things fixed and remodeled in a house ya know!

I'd like to have some additional lighting in my kitchen sometime -when we win the lottery ya know -but in the living room, what I need now is a nice lamp to give a little bit of a pretty touch to the room and also, give me a means to have a lamp near the sofa for when I do try to read a bit. The lamp we have there now if a bit on the bedraggled side. I was looking at some lighting fixtures and fell in love with some of the beautiful tiffany lamps! WOW. Would any one of them ever look pretty on the end table by the sofa though! Yes, indeedy, sure would!

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Travis said...

I've moved around so much in my life that I always have a bit of envy for people who have put down such extensive roots. I guess that's why I've always felt something special when I visit my grandfather. He still lives in the home where my mom grew up.