Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some "GREAT" Ideas!

Tonight - or this morning -(use whatever term you prefer but it's dark outside so I will call it "night" anyway) I'm gonna talk about some ideas -a couple that to me are really great ideas.

One -that is something I'd love to see and if you look at my sidebar, I think you can also get the picture a bit - PEACE!

Peace, sweet peace, that elusive entity I'd like to think everyone would want, would certainly appreciate it too. Sometimes though, I do wonder about the mentality of people here and all around the world too and what they think peace means, what it could do for society as a whole, and why some factions seem to think by lobbing bombs or hand grenades randomly in market places, or at military installments, or world capitols -or wherever or however this is done that it makes for a more peaceful society. Well, not quite - not in my book anyway.

I love that song -"I'd love to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony" - you know the melody, probably the words too I'll bet. But let's face facts, there is no way I - all by my little lonesome self - can ever teach "THE WORLD" to sing, much less in perfect harmony. Much as I might like the lyrics there - the meaning behind them and all that - it just ain't gonna happen that way. I know it. You know it. THe whole doggone world knows it. So what's the point?

Well the other day my buddy Diane told me about this other blog and blogger and the "EveryDay Kindness" concept. I read what things Diane had to say - also the blogger who originated this concept and you know what? I liked it. Yeah, just like the "Life" cereal commercial with little Mikie ya know I "like it."

No, I am not of the belief that simply ascribing to this concept will cure all the ills in our society, across the world today but you know what? Trying to do little things - baby steps as it were - or one day at a time, one person at a time attitidue, it sure as heck can't hurt anything now can it?

Why don't you take a little time to go visit Diane's place, then stop by "Everyday Kindness" and see for yourself what this is all about. Then, maybe you'll think "Hey! I can do that too. And, I want to do that too!" Easy as pie and putting for just a teensy bit of extra effort to be even a little bit nice -or hopefully, nicer - each and every day, might just be the ticket to getting an international peace effort on its way!''

It's painless and sure worth a try -at least I think so anyway!

Back on the homefront here, did I mention to you in my post yesterday -when older daughter, her fiance and my grandson, Alex, were here than today -Monday, that was -January 21st -was Carrie's fiance's birthday? I can't remember if I put that in or not yesterday. But anyway, even after I so rudely fell asleep on the couch after dinner with all my kids and grandkids here, I would doze off, wake up, fall back to sleep again but it seemed that each time I woke up, Maya was singing every time - "Happy Birthday to you, dear Robert" -and I thought boy, isn't that nice that she's doing that!

This morning, I'm out in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee and Maya is sort of just floating around, unsure as to what she wants for breakfast while Mandy is trying to talk to her about her morning meal when all of a sudden, out of the blue, Maya looks up at us and says, quite matter of factly too, "Today is Robert's birthday." Yes, sweetheart, that it is. I went one step further and said "Maybe we can call him later today and you can sing "Happy Birthday" to him on the phone too." Mandy shot me an evil glance and reminded me then that she had sung that to him yesterday, ad nauseum. True, she had done that but my thought was that since she remembered it today and since she generally WON'T talk to anyone on the telephone, it might be enough impetus there for her to make an exception to that little rule of hers too.

A little later in the morning, talking on the phone to my son, I reiterated this whole story of her remembering it was Robert's birthday and my son began to chuckle. "Mom," he said, "You know Robert is just as nice a guy as he can be an very polite and all but yesterday, I kept calling Maya over to me and whispering in her ear to go sing "Happy Birthday" for Robert - which she did at each time I told her to do that! Poor guy was probably about going nuts hearing her sing that over and over again but you and I both know he'd never say anything against her doing that!"

Ah ha! So the lightbulb came on in my mind then. Here I had been thinking all along her doing that yesterday was all of her own free will, her own volition when all along it had been good old Uncle Clate and his love for pranking people that had kept her going on that track. Oh well, whatever it takes you know, is my theory there.

We are, after all - if nothing else - a family who dearly loves to do little things that aren't really nasty but can occasionally be a bit irritating just to have some fun with others in a family gathering.

If I'd been fully awake and aware of what Clate had started, no doubt, I probably would have been right there beside him, instigating some more renditions of "Happy Birthday" for his listening pleasure too.

Hey, we're family - alike in many ways you know!


Dianne said...

I'm glad you like the Everyday Kindness concept Jeni. There really is power in individuals reaching out in their day to day life. And it makes the "kinder" feel as good as the "kindee" :)

I love the "instigating"! My brothers and sister were very young when my son was born and one of their favorite things was to "wind him up" (as my Mom would say) and then leave. I have to admit it was usually pretty funny.

Mahala said...

"Everyday Kindness" is such a simple concept that can make such a huge change if embraced by enough people.

As for the irritation of family members.. that's what they're for right?

Smalltown RN said...

Hello my friend....I too am part of the Kindness Acts....I thought it was a great idea as well....I haven't done anything spectacular yet but I do try not to yell at the person who cuts me off..I have let people in front of me in traffic...I tell the clerk to have a great day....so I still have a long ways to go....

No as for the practicle jokes...you and my hubby would get along great...he often is pulling a joke on me....drives me crazy...but I know he loves me....

About that broadband...spoke with hubby...question...do you get ADSL in your area? if you do that is the fastest way to go...but if you don't have access to that you can go cable....and if that doesn't work then there is statelite...but then you are talking bigger bucks....if you have any questions let me know...hubby says he will attempt to answer any questions you might have....cheers....