Thursday, January 17, 2008

Noon Today's The Deadline!

For any of you who have been reading my blog -most particularly my post last night about Blogger Buddy, Sunshine's current Charity event to benefit Autism Research and such, you have until noon today - January 17th -to head to her place, read THIS post and COMMENT!

Sunshine has stated anyone who visits her blog - comments too - she will donate $1.00 herself to the Autism Foundation's research fund. The key word here though is you HAVE to COMMENT! You can comment anonymously - but you will have to have a g-mail account to do that - and that's no big deal - you can set one up very easily and they're free too. Also would come in handy on other blogs you might read, might want to add your two cents to as well and by registering for the g-mail account, you're all set, ready, willing -and able - to go hunting for bear - or in this case, make a comment on Sunshine's blog telling her I sent you there and that by commenting on her blog you are then giving moral support to this very worthy cause for which Sunshine will then donate financial support.

Now that's a fair play thing there if ever I saw one!

Just click here - read Sunshine's post, leave that comment telling her I sent you there to do this and you've added to the Autism reseach coffers!

The last I was over at Sunshine's place, she had 56 comments then (four of 'em at least I saw were from my readers too) so that means so far Sunshine's gonna have to donate at least $56 buckaroonies!

Come on over and just do it - read the post and leave that comment - DE-LURK! Will ya please just do that for me, today - before noon!???

It really means a lot to me - means a lot to Sunshine too when she sees how many folks have come by to tell her they support her in this cause.

And now, since the little Duke finally did his "crash landing" for the night -or so I hope - and is ensconced with his head snuggled under his little fuzzy bear pillow and with his bunny pillow there beside him too for a little added warmth and that cozy feeling ya know and he's asleep, that's what I'm gonna do too!

Hit the pillow and hopefully, be able to log in a couple of hours of sound sleep then!

Yeah - that's me -probably ever the dreamer because it seems regardless of what time I finally go to bed, within five minutes after the head meets the pillow and I start to nod off, some kind of alarm system within Kurtis goes off and he wakes up!

Here's hoping that doesn't happen tonight!


Dottie said...

I should've gotten to this sooner.. I didn't make it in time to donate via comments on the Sunshine blog.

Quick note... I passed along an award to you.. you can read about it on my blog.

Have a good day.

Debo Blue said...

I'm sorry that I missed the info:-(