Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DeLurk -and Sunshine Will Donate!

Any of you who's been reading my blog for any length of time now knows about my granddaughter, my little princess, Miss Maya, as well as her little brother, the duke, Kurtis, and that Maya has already been diagnosed - last April - as autistic - PDD-NOS, high functioning - and that Kurtis has developmental delays which look like he too will also be diagnosed as autistic too.

The only other charity issue I feel as strongly about as I do organizations set up to help find ways to aide autistic children and/or adults is the American Cancer Foundation and that's because I've lost several family members, many, many close friends too due to cancer and I am, so far (almost five years now) a survivor of colo-rectal cancer.

Now, one of my blogger friends - Sunshine - has a brother who is 20 years old and who is autistic and her thoughts, theories, feelings about this disorder mirror mine completely.

And right now - until noon tomorrow (Thursday) if you visit Sunshine's blog and comment there, she will donate $1.00 for every single comment she receives by that time toward Autism research. A very noble gesture don't you think? Also a very, very easy way for everyone to come through, come out of the woodwork, DE-LURK - and by doing so, you are putting another dollar in the kitty that Sunshine will then donate that amount to this fund.

All you have to do is go to her blog, read her post about this and COMMENT! Just visiting there won't do it - you actually have to come out of that woodwork, come forward and comment! You don't have to write a book to her -unless of course, you want to do that -but you do at the very least have to say "HI - I came by from Jeni's place to support you in your commitment to Autism research!" Can't possibly be any easier than that now, can it?

Come on, do it for me. Do it for your friend's child who has autism or a family member perhaps. Do it because it is a disorder that has no cure but so many things can be done that will enable people who are autistic to live the best life they possibly can - thanks to your sending that little supportive message by reading Sunshine's blog and COMMENTING there!

Do it for my little Princess Maya! Do it for the children of several of my favorite bloggers on my blog roll too who are also autistic. Heck, do it for yourself cause it will make you feel darned good knowing you did SOMETHING to help!

Whatever - Just. Do. It! Go now! Read Sunshine's post and DeLurk and comment!

She's waiting to hear your voice so others voices too can be heard someday too!

And get ready too because come March, I'll be doing something special here - asking you to please support my family and me as we participate again this year in the State College walk-athon to support Cure Autism Now!


Saedel said...

I'll visit her blog (and comment) as soon as I have the chance. Will do it for you, your family, and for her as well.

magnetbabe said...

What a neat idea and a great cause. I'm on my way over there now!

Dianne said...

It is a great idea and I'm on my way over there as well.

In my limited blogging experience I have discovered that commenting is (more than) half the fun. The interaction of the net is one of its best values and I'm lovin' the friends I'm making.

And I'm off ... :)

Anonymous said...

Why of course,Jeni. What a lovely idea. I do so appreciate your writing, and your insightful comments left for me on blog.

Cheers to You...

fermicat said...

I delurked at her place not too long ago (and after another post you linked to). But I just delurked again for the cause!