Friday, January 18, 2008

Cheer Up!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket What little things do you do for yourself when you're maybe down in the dumps, feeling a bit blue, at times?

This is something that at times is difficult for me because I have problems from time to time with depression and there are times when it will get a pretty hard grip on me, that I will have to work extra hard to get myself somewhat back on track again.

Then there are other times when I'm maybe just a tad out of sorts -not really in the throes of the nasty depression but it takes a little nudge to bring me back, up to par again.

Often, when I feel the twinges of depression starting I use my blog - either to post about what is annoying me -if I am really aware of what is causing my "issue du jour" -and sometimes, just going down through my favorite blogger posts can help avert the depression from my door at least for another day or two.

I enjoy posting things here about my life, my family, especially as you all know about my grandchildren and many of the antics Maya does on a day-to-day basis - either just writing a story about her or as I did yesterday, posting the pictures of her "bedhead" beginning of her day. I hope my readers get a little chuckle here and there from some of the things I write about. I wish some of the stories that I have in my mind of various events in my life that if/when I share them with you, they will come across as funny - many of them anyway - to you as they did to me when they actually happened. But that's not a guaranteed thing that it will happen that way - what I see and humorous, downright funny, etc., in the telling, the story may lose a lot of that bit of excitement, that belly laugh that perhaps I had when it actually took place. Blame that on my inability to write things in a manner that will put it out there the way I'd like you to receive it.

But tonight, I got a message on a post that I was the recipient of another award - this one from a new blogger friend - Dottie - at Dottie's Place. Dottie has a very friendly forum on her blog - about her family, kids, pets - just a nice pleasant place to go visit and it's definitely the kind of read that would cheer anyone up. But that's what she's given me -an award that say I do that for her. Wow! Makes me feel pretty doggone good there to have someone say that about me and my lowly little old -if maybe a bit long-winded most of the time - blog!

This award originated here - and it is indeed A Nice Place in the Sun - to stop by and share some fun - and also to pick up any number of awards if you've a mind to hand some out to your favorite bloggers too while you're there.

Because frequently I do get a lot of good cheer from reading the blogs on my favorites list - and really, it's very hard for me to discern and say hey, I want to give this award to this blogger, etc., for having done that to me - cheer me up ya know. But I am going to take the hard road tonight and I am going to give this award to a couple of specific blogger friends who do really cheer me up -often a lot and much more than they realize too -even though I really do think every last one of those on my favorites list deserves this award. If you want to hand this award out though, please stop over at that Nice Place in the Sun to pick up the code for the award and be sure to give Ann credit too for having made it if you pass it on to another blogger. Okay?

That said now -here goes! I hereby award the "You Cheer Me Up" award to

Linda - for her great posts about her family -husband, sons, and her extended family as well. Linda's younger son was recently diagnosed as autistic and obviously, I really appreciate reading of the strides he's beginning to make now with the therapy.

Claire - yes, that "cheeky little brit" as Linda, the 911 operator nicknamed her a while back rarely fails to cheer me up with her outrageous humor most of the time. Once in a blue moon, Claire is really serious too but much of the time spent on her place is done while shaking my head and saying "I can't believe she just said -or did - that!"

Diane - at Forks Off The Moment - Diane is a fairly new addition to my blog favorites list but reading about some of her thoughts, her escapades, her cat Siren - she always manages to cheer me up too!

Mahala - at Hidden Mahala - Here's another blogger who almost always makes me laugh out loud or at the very least brings a smile to my face as she tells about her hero - Craig Ferguson - or the people she works with at the "insane asylum" -and lots of other little stories about events and happenings where she lives in "Frog Pond Holler" -some great stuff comes out from her fingertips tapping on the old keyboard there.

And then - there's this blogger - Meloncutter's Musings - anyone else here who already reads this blog will know and understand why I really get lots and lots of hearty chuckles from reading his posts. If you haven't ever read it - just be forewarned because the air may be a bit rancid there at times if he's in a certain body state. You have to read it to understand that last sentence if you haven't done so already. He really can write a great post -serious once in a while if he wants to be but he also rarely leaves his readers without a good laugh to start your day!

And that's who I selected for my "Your Cheer Me Up" bloggers for today. I may have to come back and reassign this award to others to at later dates - just to let all my favs know how much they - and their writings - really mean to me!

Now - go forth and write and above all - have a great day!


Meloncutter said...

GEEEEE. For Me???? Awwww I am touched. First of all I would like to thank.....

Just kidding... I won't go into the 43 minute acceptance speech, but thank you.

You know I aint the huggy kissy type since you have read my blog for so long... but I will give you a big juicy....


for thinking of me and giving me the shout out.

thank you.

Later Y'all.

Dianne said...

Holy Crackers! It's hard for me to type my comment cause I'm laughing too hard at meloncutter's acceptance speech. I gotta go visit that blog - damn, work really gets in the way of more important things.

Thank You Jeni - being new to the blog world your feedback means a lot and I love when I can make someone laugh. I enjoy your blog a lot and it's always one of my first stops in the morning.

BTW - "issue de jour" is a great term. I may be stealing that.

Linda said...

Well, isn't that special? A big ole' fart from Melon-Cutter! I don't think I expected any less!

Claire definitely makes one cheer up and smile with her outlandish cartoons so an excellent choice there! And she is most definitely a cheeky little Brit no matter how you look at it!

SnoopMurph said...

Hi Jeni,

WOW, I am honored to be included. Actually, I really enjoy stopping by to hear what's going on with Maya and Kurtis and all the craziness ensuing over there. I feel really happy to have you as a blog buddy too, you are able to encourage me when I feel pretty low. So, it goes both ways! Thank you!!

Linda said...

Hi again, Jeni! I tagged you for a quick little link-love post that I thought you might want to participate in. I promise it's guick and easy and you can find it by clicking right here!

Jeff B said...

I'll have to make a point of coming by to read further. Nice to have met you.

Travis said...

There are definitely times when I read your posts and laugh out loud at some of the antics you describe.