Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

There's some change coming here and I'm not referring to the "change" being bandied about all the time by every single one of the candidates for the presidency either!

What change is this? Well, it's going to change my mode of operation FOREVER! Yes, indeedy! Gonna help me get organized, save time, stop procrastinating, overall, just going to be the very best thing since sliced bread, it is.

Those who've been reading my blog for sometime have heard me rant -no, I didn't just rant, I flat out bitched, long, hard and profusely, about my lovely, stinking, good-for-nothing dial-up service. I hate it - have hated it for almost three years now with this provider. Until last spring, about all anyone down in the valley -or gully- or gulch -however you care to call this part of the village -had no recourse but to use one of the small assortment of dial-up services available in this area. Being back in the boondocks, we are among the last to get anything that is a decent upgrade of services ya know -typical for this area, that is.

But last spring, our lovely tv cable company had sent out a notice that they were making broadband connectivity available to their cable consumers here and I began giving that idea some thought at that time. I was hoping to hold off till Verizon would finally get the lines upgraded so DSL would be available here and be able to take advantage of their offer -a nice special where you could get DSL at $14.95 a month - FOR LIFE -if you hooked up with Verizon then. But, as is typical remember for this hillbilly region, you know a package deal like that, one that would be really affordable, wasn't going to take place any time soon - most likely with the speed Verizon moves, it probably won't even be available anytime in my lifetime come to think of it!

But I have mulled over this idea of getting the broadband since last May now. My neighbors across the street had signed on for it last spring or early summer sometime and they seemed happy with it - no problems to speak of at any rate. But I still kept secretly hoping for that really good-priced Verizon deal to become available to me before I lost my cool completely and tried to commit some kind of hari-kari with some representative of my lovely dial-up service over the phone some time.

Finally, this week, I made a decision. A lot of that came from some communications late last nite via e-mail with the lovely Smalltown RN and her equally wonderful and helpful husband as he dictated and she typed explanations to me about the broadband, dsl and a few other -but very expensive options -that might be available in this neck of the woods. I slept on that information and when I got up this morning, the die had been cast and I determined I would remember to call the cable company and make the arrangements to do the big switchover to BROADBAND connectivity!

Yay, Yay, Yay! Or, in Maya-speak, "Do-yay, Do-yay, Do-yay!!!!"

My current slow-you-know-what-kind-of-dial-up-service is paid up through the middle of next month so that gives me that much time to work on notifying everyone in my e-mail address book of the change of e-mail address for me. That also gives me that much time to, hopefully, locate all the little services I subscribe to via the internet and get the change of address thing done with them too! That's the part that scares me the most -if I'll be able to track down all those things and find my user id and password for each one and get that straightened away too.

The cable company representative is scheduled to be here this Friday morning between 10 a.m. and noon to get my connection set up and all that stuff taken care of so by Friday evening and over the weekend, I'll be well on my way to enjoying internet service that brings pages up for my viewing pleasure with a speed almost as fast as they have on "Law and Order" ya know! My dream, yes indeed! Think of all the you-tube videos I have missed out on viewing and I can now have a field day, watching video after video after video! Again, yay, yay, yay!

So cross your fingers, shake the rabbit's foot (if you have one), do a little prayer for me that all goes just as smooth as glass to get this wonderful addition to my computer all safely - and correctly - and speedily - installed then!

Verizon, can you hear me now?

(Can you tell I'm happy, excited too?)


Saedel said...

Finally! This is great news, Jeni! Now you can post (and watch) longer videos with ease. ;)

Enjoy your broadband!

PS. Don't forget to watch my personally-picked YouTube videos. You'll enjoy them!

janeywan said...

It will be the best money you ever spent. You'll have so much extra time, NOT. Anyway, good for you, I'm happy for you.

Dave said...

I'm taking bets on the over/under on the installer showing up during the two hour window. Welcome to the world of broadband.

Linda said...

Doing the good luck - happy dance for you! Yay!!! You'll love it!

terri said...

You're not even going to believe the difference in speed! Congrats!

Dianne said...

Congrats jeni! You are going to love the speed :)

Make sure you keep the username and password that they give you in a safe place that you'll actually remember later, much later. I wrote it in the little user guide they gave me and then didn't need it for 2 years. Had to install a new router and boot everything up from scratch and it took hours without the damn password. I later found the little book in the place where I put stuff I don't want to forget. Of course I had forgotten where that place was.

fermicat said...

Congrats!! You're gonna love broadband. Hope the install goes smoothly.

Gene Bach said...

20th century for you Jeni? Dang!

We just had satellite TV hooked up today. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know all that free time you had before broadband? It will all disappear when dial up is gone, trust me.

The first week after I got my laptop and wireless service I watched over 200 music videos, about a hundred fashion shows, newscasts, podcasts, overcast, you name it.

Then I discovered the really fast games and lost my mind! My family never saw me except when I walked zombie-like in to the kitchen for food:-)

You're gonna love high speed, girl!

Debo Blue

Paula said...

I just did a little hat dance for you ~ Verizon, connect away!

Vic, the Cariboo Ponderer said...

I am excited for you Jeni. Remember it is never as fast as you think it is going to be but it is a lot better. There are still times when it seems to drag, usually the time the kids come out of school everyone must get on at once, but it recovers. Hope you got your email thing solved.

Stine said...

I did a rain dance - it worked, I got your celebratory email! enjoy!!!!