Friday, January 04, 2008

A Butterfly Net

This is the "new" look that transpired the other night in Maya's bedroom.

Note the lovely big Bratz poster on the wall. Posters for a four-year-old? Oh my, you betcha! When she unwrapped that poster Christmas Eve, you should have seen the look on her little face. All smiles, all smiles.

The netting above and that falls around her bed now is -according to my sources here - a butterfly princess net. I can't say I'd ever seen this around a small child's bed but Maya knew what it was when she opened the package that contained this present and it too, like the Bratz poster, made her eyes light up, big time.

Just how does a four-year-old learn about all these things anyway? It just amazes me how so much of what she picks up seems to come through via that old biology term -"osmosis." It just seeps in somehow and finds a home in that little sponge commonly called a brain. And trust me, hers really does soak EVERYTHING up these days - just exactly like the sponge does and just like the brain is also supposed to do.

She picked up a new sentence this week - well several actually but this one is the one that stood out to me. As we were getting ready to leave the house Sunday, she decided to pitch a fit with Mandy who merely wanted to change her clothes. Maya threw herself down on the bathroom floor, kicking about and said quite sternly to Mandy, "Leave. ME. Alone!" Hmmm - we're still trying to figure out where she heard that one.

Then a couple of days after that, one morning as Mandy was trying to bribe her to do something else, she told her she could do X if she picked up Y first - the "Y" being a mess of Barbie and Bratz dolls and their clothes and accessories that she had scattered all over the living room floor. It was a pretty big task, no doubt about it, but Maya had said ok to picking up this stuff and as she looked at the pile in front of her, we heard her say, in a very low, soft voice, "Oh shit!"

And now, there's a lot of finger-pointing going on here -from the sil to Mandy to me and back and forth -as to which one of us would happen to be the guilty party who said that and from whom Maya picked it up. Truth be told, it could very easily have been any of us but no doubt those who know me really well would probably be most inclined to point in my direction. I am probably the most forgetful about this business of watching my words and cussing under my breath instead of saying things out loud but it was kind of fun to hear Mandy and Bill each fess up to having said those words a time or two within Maya's earshot too.

But the biggest thing for me over the past week really has been in looking back over my posts of the past year, reading the things I wrote about - mainly pertaining to Maya - things she was learning and now, watching her, listening to her actually prattle on and on sometimes about different things and realizing how far she has come in those past 12 months. You really do have to be very cautious now if you're trying to do something and feel the need to pull the wool over her eyes in the process because she catches on very quickly now to so many things and you don't even realize a lot of the time that she is paying attention either.

We're starting to use the time honored technique of spelling out some words from time to time here and even that, sometimes maybe she just puts two and two together but there are times when she figures those things out too that we're trying to be so crafty and smarter than her, ya know! Where do we go once she learns how to spell then anyway?

But regardless of what she learns next, how quickly these transitions occur too, I'm just so grateful to be able to see them happen.

Gives a body something else to take heart in for her future ya know!


SnoopMurph said...

Maya's progress has to be so amazing and I am thrilled that you are posting about both Kurtis and Maya-you latch on to the hopeful and happy stories and know that many wonderful possibilities are there and how much is yet to come in such little lives.

Okay, I had to laugh about the spelling of words. We do a lot of spelling. Ian actually figured out the spellings and put two and two together. We would discuss if we wanted to take him to the P-A-R-K and either go or not go. He knew the word "park", but one day we were discussing P-A-R-K and he says, "I want to go to the P-A-R-K!" spelling it out perfectly and know exactly what it meant.

We have gotten burned a few times on the curse words too. We are getting better. Ian actually reprimands if you say the word "stupid"- and makes you apologize. These kids are sponges!!

Meloncutter said...

Oh shit!!! I think your secret is out. You done got caught.


Later Y'all.

Minnesotablue said...

My granddaughter Isabella has one of those net curtains around her bed. She said it makes her feel like a real princess. Sounds as tho Maya is making good progress with her vocabulary

Dianne said...

I love the princess bed. As a non-grandmother and having but one son I long for a grand-daughter. What fun it will be.

I've developed a pretty good circuit when it comes to cussing - my spider senses can feel a child within hearing distance and the words don't come out. Not so when my son was little - he had quite the vocabulary thanks to me and my brothers. Funny - he never cusses now.

Palm Springs Savant said...

My brother and sister-in-law sometimes have to spell backwards! Which makes things interesting for sure...

Lifecruiser said...

Ooops, maybe not to bring her with you at the party then... In case of some bad language...


Start The Ship Party!


Theresa said...

Yep, I think Maya has made great progress and I just found your blog in early September when Maya was just starting to school- to me in that short time she has seemed to become a little young girl.

Well at least your a better speller than me :)