Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Decisions

First things first here tonight. I've been busy doing two things today - one is trying to read and comment on the blogs of my favorites - the other is to try to do a little work on a research project I've had ongoing for well over two, maybe three years now.

The research involves reading old issues of our local newspaper, searching for articles pertaining to the township where I live or the people who once lived here or in some instances, perhaps are still residents. I didn't find any articles on the topic I was actually trying to research today, although I did find a few articles that were interesting. Here's a copy of an article that had no relevance at all to my research but I just found it "interesting" to say the least - maybe even a bit humorous too although in a kind of perverted way, perhaps. Truth of the matter is, I love the writing styles employed in the local newspaper back then. Sure wouldn't see a piece like this in the newspaper today now would ya?

May 21, 1919

Page 1

The Progress

Appearances Were Deceitful

Mary A. Ross, by her attorneys, Pentz & Pentz, has filed an application in the Clearfield county courts asking for a divorce from her husband, Francis Ross. The statement recites the fact that they were married November 3, 1915 and dissolved partnership March 1, 1919. The complainant says that when she promised to wed her intended represented himself to be sound of limb and mind, and without blotches, chilblains, ringworms, etc., etc., but like some “hoss trades” he could not live up to specificationson account of enfeebled physical condition, hence the suit for divorce.

Now, back to my reading my favorites posts - there were several instances where I tried to comment but for whatever reason - blogger, dial-up, maybe just my computer being quirky, who knows - but I couldn't leave a comment. One was at Empress Bee's place where I wanted to wish her and Sarge a very Happy 40th Anniversary. Don't believe me - go check out her blog for yourself and see, it's their 40th wedding anniversary and that, in my opinion, deserves a big round of applause, a lot of greetings and good wishes and a medal of honor too for being able to keep their marriage going and still fresh after that length of time. I, for one, am in awe!

Another blogger who had a very, very good post today was Mary Ann -the Smalltown RN from British Columbia. Her post today about the healthcare system in Canada was really a very good one. She addressed their system, pros and cons and even delved into the ethical dilemmas ALL medical care and insurance programs bring to the forefront today, more than ever. Want a good unbiased read - go have a looksee at what she has to say about their system. Might surprise a lot of folks to read her piece. Maybe some of our politicians should take the time to read it since it does appear that healthcare in this country is shaking out to be one of the big issues of the coming election.

And, speaking of the election process, if you've been living under a rock, you maybe don't know or don't care - whichever - that today is a big day in our political process with the Iowa caucus. Granted, this system in Iowa is one that I still don't understand completely how it works but I do know it's the beginning round of several primary type things that will ultimately boil down to which people we will have as full opponents come November in our general election here and for the presidency. If you, like me, don't understand the Iowa caucus system and would like a shot at understanding it better, then I really recommend you go read Sunshine13's blog -and her post today about the caucus. It might clear a little of the questions about that setup out for you and also, give a lot of insight into the mindset of at least one intelligent young woman in that state who puts the voting process up as a very important part of her life. Some very good words, very intelligent words and a whole lot of people need to read her post and understand how seriously - how much patriotism - the people of that fine midwestern state place on our form of government. Might make some think twice about calling farmers -or people from the farm states - a bunch of country bumpkins cause folks, they sure as heck are not that!

And tonight, here at home, Mandy and Bill were going to go meet Mandy's closest and oldest girlfriend and her husband to be able to spend a little bit of quality time with them since they are in the region today and tomorrow for Mandy's friend's grandmother's funeral tomorrow and before leaving, Mandy got Maya all bathed, pj's on, ready for bed. Things appeared to be fairly calm at first when Mandy and Bill quietly slipped out the door and then, suddenly it dawned on Maya that they weren't here which then led to one of the longest meltdowns she's had in quite some time - screaming and kicking and hitting and wanting other clothes on because she was insisting she wanted to go where "Mommy and Daddy are." I, in the meantime, was lying to her - telling here they had just gone out for a few minutes so Daddy could get his haircut - a plausible line to tell her, in hopes she would at least quiet down a bit, maybe lay down on the sofa, fall asleep.

Eventually, she did just that but she no longer had the pj's on - they were (still are as I write this) in a little pile in the middle of the living room floor. She had insisted on getting out the jeans and tee shirt (and unnywears too) that she had on earlier today, stripping off the pullups and pj's and putting the other clothes on. That still wasn't enough to satisfy her and the tantrum continued on and on. Eventually, I did convince her that she could at least lay down on the couch and keep it warm till Mommy gets home. By that time, she had expended enough energy (way more than I put out in a day's time anyway) and was tired enough that within five minutes of laying on the sofa, she was out like a light and the house has been very peaceful and quiet since then. The bad thing about this whole deal is that although I did finally find a way to get her to quiet down a bit, I don't remember exactly how or what I told her that finally got the desired results. That's the drawback of dealing with the active mind of a 4-year-old with autism when you are 63 years old and hitting a bit on the senility side of things from time to time! Now I have no idea what to say to repeat that reaction or response in her! Rats! Gonna have to go through the whole process all over again sometime in the future then I suppose!

Now, before I head to bed tonight here's another little direction I'd like to ask you to take. Head on over to my blogger friend Theresa's Place and leave her a greeting there on the occasion of her 45th birthday - which was today! She's a good lady, great blogger friend and as friendly and vivacious as they come, so give her some blogger birthday love today will ya?

And, this is me -how I felt tonight between trying to get rid of the head cold (it's moving out but taking its sweet time to do it), deal with Maya and her meltdown while trying to comprehend the results of the Iowa caucus tonight. Apparently -as of 10 p.m. eastern anyway - MSNBC says that Obama and Huckabee are the winners there. Quite a shake-up, don't 'cha think?


Sunshine said...

Thanks for your nice words, it's good to know some people pay attention!

fermicat said...

I'm sorry to hear that it is taking you so long to get over your cold. For me, it is the lingering cough that gets tiresome.

SnoopMurph said...

I will definitely hop over to Sunshine's blog-thanks for posting. I got a good chuckle from the research writing-wow! You really don't see writing like that!

Poor Maya. I have to say that we are going through similar issues with Connor. He wiggled out of his long-shirt sleeve, had kind of a Tarzan look and he was ticked that he couldn't finish getting undressed. Lately I notice him fussing at his shirt, digging his hands through the neckhole. We are trying deep pressure, but so far he is out of his clothes more than in them. He was pretty out of sorts tonight as we tried to help him put his shoes on-he doesn't want help, but wants the shoes on....sigh! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for Maya and for C too.

We are about to watch the caucus updates, so I'll swing by tomorrow!

Paula said...

Poor Maya ~ Poor Jeni! Some things just seem so tramatic for these little people. I have a 5 year old girl in my daycare that was "kicked out" of kindergarten for some emotional problems this year. She has melt downs just like you described every single morning when her momma leaves. She's not autistic ~ other reasons why she thinks her mom is never coming back ~ but boy, do I feel for you!

That newspaper article is hysterical. Can you imagine if divorce cases were still printed with the real facts? We would all be reading that section every night!

Smalltown RN said...

Why thank you Jeni...those were very kind words...and I am glad you appreciated what I had to say....I know I wrote a long post...but there are so many factors that come into play when we talk about health care....good bad and the ugly and hopeful.....

I really hope you start to feel better soon....cheers....

Keith said...

I was very happy with Obama winning this evening.

Hope your cold leaves you soon Jeni! be well.

mjd said...

Hello, I am visiting from Sunshine's place. You have a very nice blog full of thoughts and ideas as well as a beautiful masthead.

Dianne said...

I will go say Happy Birthday to Theresa right now!

I wanted to reach out and hug ya in that photo. I know the feeling well.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, many of your friends came over to give me a shout!

I had to smile at the comment Maya spent more energy in that short (although must of seemed like hours to you) amount of time then you do all day.

Your intro reminded me of when we get the Christmas decorations down since we wrap the ornaments in newspaper, someone always finds an article of interest to read when unwrapping. It is interesting reading old article-good luck on your re"search"

Linda said...

What a strange article to put in a local newspaper, I should have thought it would be a bit embarrassing for the soon-to-be ex-husband!

I was rather pleased regarding the outcome of the Iowa caucus as that means I don't have to work quite so hard on my plans to move to Canada should Hillary be elected to the White House.

Minnesotablue said...

I don,t much care who wins the primaries Just so we get a democrat in!!!!

Vic, the Cariboo Ponderer said...

I hope you are feeling better, and another great post despite you being under the weather.

I find it interesting to watch the outcome of US politics. They are a little bit more exciting than Canadian elections. I think I would vote for Obama myself. Although I would like to see a woman president I don`t feel Hilary is the one.