Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bed Head Belle!

Wednesday morning arrived - time for Mandy to go and get Maya up, get her ready to go to school.

And this is the sight that greeted me when I waltzed into the bathroom where the early grooming work was taking place.

This is how hair, freshly washed, pulled up into four little very tightly coiled pony tails expands while the child sleeps and looks, come morning, when you remove the rubber bands and let it "breathe."

Maya has "bed head" that even beats some of Grammie's!

Yes, that's Mandy you see there in the mirror -in sort of a state of shock -a "where the heck do I begin" look ya know as she contemplates how to comb this tangled mess out into a coif that looks presentable for a sweet little four-year-old to have when she leaves for school this morning.

And here is how things started to finally shape up - with the help of a lot of spray detangler and gentle combing and brushing - a lot of giggles too from Mom and Grammy along the way and suprisingly enough, very little complaints from the Princess, little Miss Maya!


Dianne said...

What great photos.

Do you have any idea how much some of us would pay for that fresh, natural, tousled look!?

Linda said...

I love this post and the pictures! In spite of the big-time bed-head Princess Maya looks awfully darned cute!

Loved Mom's expression in the mirror, too! Priceless!

Jeni said...

Thanks, Linda and Diane. It was one of those moments that when I took the first look at Maya, I couldn't hold back from laughing and yet, both Mandy and I were afraid if we laughed, it would set Maya off on the meltdown path - something neither of us wanted to see at that hour of the morning when she had limited time to get ready to meet the van and go to school. Fortunately, she took it all in stride.

fermicat said...

That is bed head of impressive proportions! LOL