Sunday, November 11, 2007

WOO HOO! Awards and More Awards!

WOWZERS! Yesterday was a really bang up day in the Blogger Awards World, for sure.

Two favorite bloggers did me big honors by giving me two awards - EACH! Incredible, isn't it. Four new awards in one day. A "Blogger's Christmas" or early "Blogger Oscars" or some such deal it seems.

So let me tell you now a bit about these awards here - ok?

These two awards came to me via Sunshine13
who, with her blog "...and the Pursuit of Happiness" must be laboring under some kind of delusional thinking. I'm really honored that she thought my blog is of that caliber though to warrant either, much less both of these fine labels to help gussy it up a bit - maybe also keep me a good bit on the straight and narrow path too in my postings. Well, I would never post anything that is pornographic, for sure, but there are times when my tongue gets a little "unwired" and then it has a trickle down effect to my fingers and my typing causing me to occasionally toss in a word here and there that might not always be considered really polite or ladylike ya know. But I'm trying girl, to keep my train of thought as clean as possible!

Then the ever gracious Vic Grace of Cariboo Ponderer up in British Columbia's northern most region gave out these two awards yesterday too.

Now, I have to say this here and now, I am truly flattered, well beyond words. And yes, I know those of you who read my posts regularly are probably looking a bit cross-eyed about now, asking yourselves, "Did I just read that correctly? Jeni, without words?"

Well, ok -not quite completely without words but about as close to that as I suppose I will ever be at any rate!
I had a reputation in high school, those many years ago, for being the "talker" I guess in our class, and it's something that has followed me down all the various paths of my life have taken me thus far too so at this stage of the game -of my life - I'm not about to change all that much I suppose. (Why do you think I never sign up for "Wordless Wednesday" anyway? There's a reason, folks - trust me, there's a reason!

Now because I consider each and everyone of you good people whose blogs I peruse -usually daily but the past two days, I've been hard put to do much in the reading department due to being bogged down with another computer project that has taken up way more of my time than I had anticipated it would - anyway, as I was about to say there, I consider ALL of you to be first and foremost, friends - at least I feel that I have come to know some of you very much in that vein, those who've been "following" my posts for the better part of a year now and for those I've added over the past year, I feel I know you all well enough now to call you all my "friends" too. Therefore, I am not going to single one or two -or a couple over that to receive these awards because I truly do believe each of you listed in my favorites listing is deserving of each of these four awards. However, since I also know some of you choose to keep your sidebars pristine - clear of all these little buttons and such - that's fine too - just know that I do believe ALL of your blogs are of the highest caliber and if you like all of them, or one or two - whatever - and you so desire to show them off, then please, by all means, be my guest as you have worked and written yourself into a position whereby you deserve to be recognized, at least in some way, for your efforts. So folks, go for it! Pick whichever or how ever many you want to use and display them with pride too! I know I sure do!

And finally, here's something else Vic Grace started too yesterday. I will copy it over here and simply ask that if you wish to help keep those ratings and rankings moving upwards instead of on a downhill slide, that you consider copying it over and keeping it going and growing that way. One hand washes the other as the old saws would say you know -and a little bit of pushing doesn't hurt along that road either now, does it?

Thanks so much, I will put my list of all those who visit as they are all excellent friends and if they want to forward it on they can. They might like to continue the viral linking in an effort to increase their Google Ranking that has toppled this last week.

I have started a list here of those who have visited me or who I regularly read (I hope I don't leave anyone out, but if I do, tell me and I'll get your name on the list.) If you want to see your blog readership grow add this list to the bottom of a post on your blog and add your blog link at the end after the dash. Put in a dash after your name just to keep the code simple for the next person. Explain what you are doing to your readers and invite them to do the same.

Cariboo Ponderer - Down River Drivel - A little piece of me - Empress Bee - I was born 2 Cree8 - Untwisted Vortex - One Man's Goal - Echoes of Grace - AuthorBlog - The Post College Years - Nobody Important - BCMom - Turning the Pages of Life - The BiPolar Diaries - Cicero Sings - Cid69 - Inman Road Chronicles - Inner Dialogues - Me, My Life, My Garden - Small Town RN - Two Write Hands - Misty Dawn - SquareTan - Skittles - At your service - Ghosts in the Machine - Planet Saedel - A nice place in the sun - And miles to go before we sleep - Blackholes and Astrostuff - The Egel Nest - Mom knows everything - Life in Westcliffe - Dapoppins - Reba's Run - Time with Shelby - Hootin' Anni - Meeyauw - Carver's Sight or is that site - The Insane Writer - Dottie's Place - Limadang - She walks in beauty - Reap Money Online - Loquacity of Latharia - African Boy - Aryst - Crunchy Carpets - Mousie - State of Confusion - Flamblog -A Blue State of Mind - A Twist of Humor - Are We There Yet - Rather Than Working - Bob's Odder Blog - Niagaran Pebbles - Burnett's Urban Etiquette - Cosmic Cat - Creatif - Curmudgeon - Dooce - Magnetbabe - Hidden Mahala - House of Lime - It's About Time - Laura's Polebarn - Life In General - Lifecruiser - Meloncutter Musings - Memoirs of a Inmate's Wife - Mike's Place - Million Dollar Baby - Mother of Shrek - My Favorite Autistic - My Life Is Murphy's Law - Noladawn - Norwegian Mom - On A Rainy Night - Once a Brat - Paradise Valley - Patois - Dr. Sardonicus -Minnesota Blue - Revellian - Saedel - Sasha - Snoop Murph - So Sayeth the Shack - Sognatrice - Sunshine 13 - Terri Terri - Terry's Playpen - The Owl's Song - The Writer's Life - Theresa's Life - This Eclectic Life - Today the Dragon Wins - Tomcat - Trav's Thoughts - Walking Blind - Walks Far Woman - Whitterer - Autism -

Now - go forth and multiply!


NOLADawn said...

Thanks! I'm about to head to bed, but I'll do this tomorrow :D

david mcmahon said...

Congratulations, Jeni,

Richly deserved. VERY richly deserved. said...

Thanks for and awards..i lov u for this! :) lols.

Thanks jennifer,

Benny liew

Gene Bach said...

Good stuff on the awards Jeni. You are a good writer and deserving of the awards you receive!

janeywan said...

Wow Jeni, your site is truly taking off. I'm just to darn exhausted to participated in blogging right now. I do try to stop by on occasion.

Congratulations for your successful blog!

newscollector said...


lattégirl said...

Thanks for the link, darlink! You missed lattedoesciv, though. (She said, shamelessly.)

Theresa said...

Congrats for the well deserved awards- and thanks for being an awesome commentor on blogs.

SnoopMurph said...

I really enjoy your blog and I am happy to be able to get back to reading and commenting, now that I am home.

Congrats on the awards-I love your writing and your blog. I am going to work on getting the blog list to grow! Thanks!

Saedel said...

Congrats, Jeni!

Like what I commented on your comment on my site, I haven't tried viral linking like this, but Im always thrilled seeing my name/site included in the list. :P Thanks!

Vic Grace said...

Great going Jeni. I thought this was a good way to handle awards and such as last time I forwarded them I was told by a few that they did not want to get involved in doing all the linking and such and I must say I find it time consuming. So I have a list I keep in my drafts and I add people who come to the blog and when the opportunity arises I do a post and whoever wants can continue it. So thanks for doing so.