Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Under Attack!

After a day filled with grocery shopping for over two hours early this afternoon, putting a kazillion bags of stuff away in the cupboards, refrigerator, etc., I started in to doing some serious cooking. Well, sort of serious anyway.

Got three pies baked - two pumpkin and a mincemeat, for openers. The mincemeat may end up being mine as I think I may be the only one in the family that likes the stuff but that's fine and dandy with me too. While I was making cranberry-orange-nut relish, I convinced Mandy to help a bit in the kitchen by cleaning the turkey, getting it in the oven when the last of the pies came out and also, to clean out the top shelf of the refrigerator to make room for the pies and other things to come.

Our refrigerator has a drawer -about the size of a crisper drawer - that hangs just below the top shelf of the fridge. It's supposed to be for cold cuts, cheeses and such but the damned thing has been very contrary for us for quite some time now and has a tendency to lock up and be extremely difficult to get it to release and open. Tonight, we gave Bill -the son-in-law - a job any mechanic should be able to handle - fix that drawer so it will open right and easily -or take the darned thing out completely.

He started messing with it but as he got it to come open, something on it broke which then solved our issues with it and opened up a whole bunch of space then for me on the shelf below that drawer. Mandy cleaned it out of the old stuff in there for me so we were all happy - a nice ending, right?

I got the sweet potatoes pared and cut, in a container of cold water in the fridge just waiting to be cooked. Mandy promised to peel the white potatoes too so they'll be ready to go. I still have to mix up the corn pudding and make a batch of coleslaw tonight but neither of those is difficult - no problems foreseen there ya know. So I figured it was time I could sit my tired behind (and aching back/legs) down for a while to read my blog faves that I am way behind on doing today.

I'm sitting here reading, Mandy's on the couch, also reading, Kurtis is in his playpen enjoying his bottle and Bill and Maya had just come upstairs from a delightful evening in the basement where Maya was busy helping her Dad remove posters he had hanging on the wall in his "work area (or the Bill Cave, as we call that space) and re-hanging said posters, etc.

All of a sudden this peaceful scene was disrupted by a noise, coming from the kitchen - sounded like gunfire from a pop gun of some type. The first inclination was to look and see where the heck the darned cats are and what have they been into but both of them were in the living room with us. Then we see white puffs falling from the ceiling in the kitchen and this really has all of us scratching our heads, wondering what gave way and is coming apart from the kitchen ceiling.

Bill went out to see what happened and then called to Mandy and I to look at what he'd found. He's standing in between the refrigerator and the cupboard/island, holding up a can of refrigerated biscuits that had inadvertently not been placed back in the fridge during Mandy's "clean-out" phase and that can had exploded! Yeah and the Pillsbury dough boy was firing little doughy cannon balls apparently at the ceiling where they stuck for a few minutes before raining down like huge old snowballs!

It was, I must say, quite a relief to know the roof of the house wasn't caving in or anything drastic like that! Also woke me up a bit too!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving now tomorrow - watch the parades, football games, eat loads of turkey, trimmings and pumpkin pie and don't forget to give thanks for all the blessings, gifts each of us has in our lives today - and everyday - in the process!



terri said...

Exploding biscuits! Hilarious!

I think you have the same refrigerator as I do. We've also got a drawer below the top shelf and it never seems to work quite right. I keep thinking that pretty soon it's going to just break off of there completely and I probably won't miss it anyway.

I didn't realize anyone made mince-meat pies anymore. My grandma used to make them all the time and though I don't remember liking them as a kid, I'm suddenly craving one. I might have to actually bake one here!

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

Patois said...

That's a great story. Very funny.

david mcmahon said...

As Homer Simpson would say: ``D'oh''!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

dr sardonicus said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

how funny! reminds me of the joke where the blonde heard gunfire as she was pulling out of a parking spot at the grocery store, felt the back of her head, and thought it was her brains. come to find out, it was the doughboy again. yup, the can popped and the dough hit her in the back of the head! don't know ir it is true or just a joke though...

smiles, bee

Saedel said...

I was supposed to be the first to comment here but my computer is also under attack by spyware!

Anyway, nice story! Hope your thanksgiving is great. Enjoy the rest of the holidays! :)


Vic Grace said...

That is funny, I am glad it wasn't anything more serious. Happy Thanksgiving Jeni to you and the family you write about.

Debo Blue said...

Great story. Hope your Thanksgiving was full of peace and happiness!

molly gras said...

I hope your Thanksgiving has been grand and enjoy those yummy leftovers tomorrow.

Cheers :)

Catmoves said...

For some time, I thought I was the only person to have had that popping doughboy experience. Your funny post reminded me of that experience.
Oh, feel free to have my share of that mince meat pie.