Sunday, November 18, 2007

When Things Aren't What They Seem

I'm a trifle confused here - problems with my blog, with blogging, etc.

Yesterday, when I was making my "reading rounds" well over half of the blogs I visited, when I would click into the comments, it either wouldn't let me view the comments section properly or it took so long apparently to try to load that my connection timed out on me. And it did that time after time too! So I was wondering today how my "reading" would go but luckily, I think I managed to get all the comments sections to function today. But, on the other hand, there was one blog that refused - flat out refused to open for me. So, if Lifecruiser is wondering why I didn't stop by there today, that's the reason - something - your blog, my blog, my connection, blogger - whatever -would not let me in!

Now problems of another kind with blogger that I noticed today. Some of my posts, where I have inserted "tags"are not functioning properly. I have tried to redo those and before I publish them again, I hit the preview which is supposed to show how it is going to appear once published and on those not showing up properly, when I hit preview, they are showing the way they are supposed to look. But yet, when I publish them, they still show up with the html code partially visible. What the heck is causing that anyway? I have no clue whatsoever! So if anyone else has had a problem of that nature and knows how to get it corrected, please let me know. I really hate being such a dummie about stuff like this!

A few people have asked about my aunt and cousin, both who are now in a nursing home -yes, they were placed in the home together, they share a room. It is what we, the family, had hoped would happen should the time come when my aunt was no longer able to care for her daughter, alone, at home. It's also something that, by all rights, should probably have happened several years ago because it was very strenuous for my aunt to care for her daughter by herself. And yet, on the other hand, since they were admitted to the nursing home, my aunt's mental health has deteriorated drastically. But then too, so has her physical health which at the age of 90 is not something really unusual. The fact that she maintained things at home as long as she did is testimony to her stamina, I do believe! She was a remarkable woman, for sure. Today, much of the time I'm not sure she even realizes that she still is with us -at least in body, if not in mind and spirit.

Today was one of those days that are ultra gray. Woke up this morning to a covering of snow on the ground and skies that looked like they were about to dump lots and lots more snow -maybe even mix some sleet or freezing rain with it -or heck, perhaps just rain too. That kind of gray color if you follow my description there. It wasn't the kind of snowy day that looked inviting at all to venture out into that gray beyond. And, I hadn't planned to have to do that either having requested my son pick up the Sunday paper and drop it off and I would have no reason then I figured to HAVE to go out into a day as ugly looking as this one was.

But long about 2:30 this afternoon, Mandy had decided when SHE ran up to the local store that we would have roast chicken (ala Market Place's deli selections) and she was going to fix some nice parsley-buttered-oven roasted potatoes to go with this only to see that she had used the last of the "real" potatoes last weekend.

She called out to me and asked if I would like to run up to the store and pick up some potatoes. I told her honestly, "NO!" Then I got my shoes and socks on, scarf, coat - all bundled up to venture out into the gray, ugly looking cold. She looked at me somewhat astonished and I reminded her she asked me if I would like to go out, not just simply "would you" - big difference there in my book. Anyway, off I went.

But coming home there was a transformation I thought as I saw all the trees decked out so perfectly with their hats and scarves made of white frozen precipitation. The sight was beautiful and in such stark contrast to the gray skies too. This, our first real snowfall for the winter season was of the kind of heavy, wet variety - not the light, fluffy stuff -and as such, the snow was clinging to the branches and remaining leaves on many trees. What from inside the house looked drab and dull and uninviting to me, once outside and seeing this trim work from Mother Nature, it took on a completely different aura. It was, picture perfect -if I'd had a camera or had any photographic abillity -and it would have made for such a lovely photo to grace any Christmas card too this way.

Funny, isn't it, how all too often things aren't quite what they seem to be.


Linda Murphy said...

I hope your Blogger issues are remedied soon. Blogger was acting funny for me a few days ago and I couldn't get my photos to upload, instead I got an error screen. Seems to be fixed now.

I know how beautiful the first snow can be - but I probably would not have ventured out. Brr!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's snowing already in Pennsylvania? Too bad you didn't have a camera.

By the way, I don't use blogger (I have an account but never really posted), is there a way to back up your posts? I find it scary when I read about all these technical issues re: free bloghost. I dunno, I'm probably being OC right now.

Paula said...

Something magical about that first snow, isn't there? I love to see it draped on the trees and rooftops, but it sure would be nice if it would be considerate enough to stay off the roads ~ LOl!

Theresa said...

snow! wow, you are heading into fall, always loved snow for Christmas- to me sometimes it doesn't seem like Christmas with out it.

Can't help with the blog issues, I just use the simple features on blogger, which I wish had more bells and whistles, but hey it is free, which works for me!