Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coupon Clippers!

Mandy and I decided last night that today, after the occupational therapist was here for her visit with Kurtis, we would run over to Clearfield and visit the Ollie's store there. I don't know how expansive they are - maybe they are only in Pennsylvania - but it's a discount store, carries a lot of stuff -even name brand things although sometimes they are irregulars but not so irregular that they are junk ya know. They buy overstocks of things and that way can offer them at really good prices too.

We had two coupons here that expired today giving a 15 percent discount on the total of one's purchases so you know, that was a big incentive for both of us. That, plus if I didn't get out today and restock my nicotine supply, I was going to have to either bite the bullet and quit (I didn't really feel in the mood to take that drastic step) or I'd have to run up to the local store near here and pay top dollar for the stupid things then.

Priorities you know. Always things have priorities and those were my priorities for today.

I did get a few things though - an new really nice dark green tablecloth that will work well for the holiday season as well as other occasions that call for using a tablecloth too. Picked up three big rolls of gift wrap paper for Christmas, a new Cookbook for myself (because one can never have too many nice cookbooks ya know), a couple packs of the thick, heavy work socks my son and son-in-law both like to wear under their boots in the winter time and a book -a really sharp book about Small Block Chevy Engines!

Now, who to give that book too? Mandy saw it in my cart and asked if I had someone specific in mind. I told her either Clate (her brother) or Bill (her husband.) Clate is really interested in car, mechanical stuff and Bill is an auto mechanic by trade but I wasn't sure if he would like, would actually READ something like that. Mandy glanced through it and said in her opinion she felt it was worth the shot so Bill is getting this book, whether he likes it or not! LOL

I'm in a little bit better mood tonight about the upcoming holiday - can you tell? I have two turkeys thawing right now. One is an 18 pound bird that the son-in-law's employer gave us and the other is about a 10-12 pounder that was gifted to the family by a social ministry program at our church. So, we will use the smaller bird for Thursday's meal and the big one will go on the table on Sunday for my kids and my celebration of Thanksgiving! Now, to figure out what to bake tomorrow - bread, pies -what else to get set up for Sunday's meal too. I'm going to have to make a quick run tomorrow to the grocery store for last minute supplies for sure!

Mandy had a scare last night coming home from work as she noticed her car was making a bad noise and shaking a lot too. She called home and asked Bill to come and meet her up at the shopping center about four miles from here to check it out and then be there to follow her the rest of the way home. She got home ok but Bill says it is some kind of axle that is bad so tomorrow night he'll be busy getting her car back in running order again. Mandy had to take my car to work tonight then. Just a doggone good thing we are a three-car family after all, isn't it?

Maya fell asleep on the couch late this afternoon - watching one of her favorite videos of the Bratz girls. Slept right through supper and when she woke up, refused to eat anything. I had made sausage gravy to be served over corn meal muffins - a meal both Bill and I love and which Maya generally will eat with no hassles too but tonight, no dice. When Kurtis woke up and it was time for him to eat, since we are trying to give him more and more table food whenever possible, I decided to try this meal on him and not surprisingly, he loved it! Ate a big portion of it all mushed up without any hassles! One thing I have noticed with both him and Maya - they both seem to prefer foods with a little more zing - spicy stuff! Darned good thing too cause Grammy's cooking sometimes leans a little heavy on the spice side of things! (Something the son-in-law isn't always quite so appreciative of those spices though, ya know! And I keep thinking I'll get him broke in to them one of these days!)


Gene Bach said...

Ah, the joys of a busy Thanksgiving season heh? I have to work tomorrow but I do get to come home for 2 hours in order to share dinner with the clan. LOL

Theresa said...

glad your feeling better about both of your turkey days.

I a spicey girl myself- but my hubby likes his bland Irish food.

Keith said...


I am a "very spicy food" lover myself.

Sounds like you're all ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We sure have a lot to be thanful for don't we?

May you enjoy the day, enjoy your family, and May the good Lord bless you all tomorrow and always.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uta said...

Keep up the good work.