Friday, November 23, 2007

Little Things

I'm assuming (and yes, I know -all too well- assuming anything is or can be dangerous at times) that most of us know the old adage "Little things mean a lot."

I think it's true too, generally speaking.

All too often it is the little itty bitty annoyances that grate at us, make up really uncomfortable, sometimes, also really angry.

A very good friend of one of my daughters - I love her dearly, really I do - but gosh she has a habit that really drives me bonkers at times. When we are talking, before I manage to express two or three words in a sentence, she is asking me a new question and then another question on top of that and it keeps up throughout the entire conversation too. Usually, it frustrates me so much that I end up forgetting what my original train of thought was and I end up unable to discuss much of anything that way. (And my kids wonder why I can't finish a sentence. )

There are all kinds of little things that annoy and right now, aside from the one example above, I can't think of some of the big offenders except that one and well, one other -which really was the one I was going to write about tonight anyway.

Male readers of my blog may find this issue of mine boring - of little or no interest to them since it is highly doubtful any of them will ever have to worry about this problem. (But then too, one never knows today what things will become an annoyance to others of the opposite sex either so -well, read at your own risk here guys.)

The subject that has me ticked off is bras! Yes, bras, brassieres, boobie holders - whatever term you use -this contraption really ticks me off.

Ok, maybe the reason it ticks me off is something that only annoys me. Maybe my shape is such that it doesn't affect anyone else this way. But I'm just wondering about this and thought I'd like to find out if anyone else has this same problem with these things too.

Either there is a problem in the way all bras are manufactured or else, my left side must be somewhat lopsided because every freaking bra I own, the strap on the left shoulder ALWAYS refuses to stay up, to stay in place. Thus, I find myself constantly reaching up to pull it up, back into place so it isn't falling down half-way along my upper arm.

I don't know if this is true or not -maybe it was made up for the sake of the story -but I seem to recall some book I read a long time ago - I think it may have been Harold Robbins' book "The Carpetbaggers" in which it was stated that Howard Hughes or some other bigwig in Hollywood someplace supposedly had a team of special engineers come in and design a bra especially for some movie star (Maybe it was Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner -someone of that era anyway) to hold her body parts up properly or something along those lines.

I wish bra manufacturers would come and ask me my opinion, listen to MY problem and then, hire a team of engineers to enable them to make bras that the straps on both sides would stay in place properly!

And also, for the small amount of material used in those things, can't they make them a little more economically then too?

Just wondering.

Your opinions are, as always, quite valued to me so I'll be waiting for any and all responses or suggestions here.

My right arm is getting very tired from having to pull this darn strap up all the time, don't 'cha know!


Anonymous said...

That would annoy me too. [your pal]

As for bras, they are things of torture as far as I'm concerned.

Berni said...

"my left side must be somewhat lopsided because every freaking bra I own, the strap on the left shoulder ALWAYS refuses to stay up, to stay in place. Thus, I find myself constantly reaching up to pull it up, back into place so it isn't falling down half-way along my upper arm."

Me too, left side as well!

fermicat said...

I don't have a solution for you, but I definitely share some of your aggravation. Who designs these things? And why can't they ever fit right? I have a terrible time trying to find a bra that fits. It is quite frustrating. And from talking to my girlfriends, we aren't alone.

Anonymous said...

My only solution is don't wear one :)
Usually after work mine comes right off-they annoy me:)

I have one bra that likes to slip, but that is the kind you can't adjust with those things in the back- kind of a one size fit all thing which is not a good idea in a bra.

Linda said...

Now that you mention it, it's always my left side that I'm having to hitch up also! Must be a conspiracy of some sort!

Paula said...

I've not paid attention to any particular side, but yes, I have the same problem. When the darn things are new, they are just terribly uncomfortable and the minute you get them broken in the darn straps start to slide. Irritating as all get out!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm the the first guy to comment :D

Your daughter's friend reminds me of my co-worker. She doesn't let me even talk! That's why I was chuckling when I was reading your post. :P But I'm not annoyed because I love hearing her stories and she's my friend. Also we can talk about almost anything (yes, including bras).

Minnesotablue said...

I wear mostly big sweatshirts and very loose summer tops so I don't have to wear one. On the rare occassions I do dress up, the first thing I do when I get home is rip the darn thing off!

Travis Cody said...

Now that problem with the person who asks a question before you've finished a sentence...I have a similar thing that grates on me.

There's a guy I work with who finishes my sentences. I hate that! I'll be explaining something, and then there he goes trying to say the answer as I'm talking! If you knew the answer, why did you come to me!?!?!?!?!

molly gras said...

ggggrrrrrrr! Bras, now that's a subject to get my hackles up. And slipping straps -- them's fighting words! Makes me absolutely bonkers. No amount of strap clasp adjustment makes the bloody thing stay on the shoulder either -- the whole contraption loosen ups with any movement.

I hear an undergarment revolution in the making here!!

Catmoves said...

Howard Hughes claimed to have created a special bra for Jane Rusell, a rather well endowed lady.
My Wild Thing tells that the proper name for a bra is the OTSBH.
(Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder.)

Anonymous said...

Ever tried a racer-back bra? The straps on those don't seem to slip like the regular ones. Just a thought.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

LOL ... I hate bras too especially arms that slip/slide and the price. Like undies too over priced. Conspiracy I say since we have to wear them (well sort of)