Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thank You! I Think.

Phew! I am a true novice with html -make no mistake about that. What I am doing trying to deal with certain things I've been working with on the computer, on my blog, tonight - considering my low level of comprehension about blogs and html and the like, is questionable, very, very questionable, for sure. But the stuff I was working on - well I think I got it finished. I hope I got it finished. And if I did and if it was done correctly, for that I will tonight, at least, be very, VERY thankful. I won't delve into details as to what I was meddling with - I'll leave that to each one's vivid imagination to figure out. (And no, it has nothing whatsoever to do with pornography either - bad vocabulary maybe, blue air here -oh definitely -as a whole lot of cussing going on (mostly under my breath because the little ones are moving about and I don't need them picking up my bad words as part of their vocabulary -not this early on in their lives, ya know!)

So - suffice it to say I AM thankful that I do understand a little bit of this stuff - just not near enough -and especially when my instructions are in English but written by someone for whom English is probably a second language too therefore, it makes this stuff two or three times more confusing for me than it really is I suppose.

How about you? Are you thankful that you understand computers, various software languages and procedures or processes or are you like me - just show me what keys to hit to do things and I'm basically ok then. Don't try to explain it to me in what I call "computerese" - which in my book is just as confusing as its counterpart - legalese - the language that only lawyers can interpret with all the "herewiths" and "wherefores" and WHATEVERS!

Tonight though -aside from my mini-rant about computerese stuff (and seriously though, I am thankful I can at least type quite well -most of the time -and that I do understand some minimal (bare minimum) about computer usage, software, etc. -here's what I am really thankful for tonight.

My dear daughter - who does not generally venture into the kitchen other than to get something out of the refrigerator, rarely with the idea in mind to cook, much less a full meal, actually prepared supper tonight. And, what's more, it was good - darned good! I was really pleased with supper, especially so since I DIDN'T HAVE TO COOK it, and because it was really very tasty! She fixed chicken breasts with a coating on them consisting of a very light breading of Panka bread coating mix that had crushed french fried onions and dried onion soup mix all mixed together. Things like that - when Mandy actually cuts loose and tries to cook something a bit on the "special" side and is successful at her venture there too really make my socks go up and down! It gives me a sense of relief that my grandkids will not starve or live solely on tacos after I am no longer able to prepare the main meals here! Don't get me wrong now - I'm far from being a gourmet cook, not even a semi-fancy one for that matter, - easy, basic meals with the components that it will qualify as being at least semi-balanced is more my speed and I lean a whole lot towards casserole, one-dish or crockpot meals with most anything that is a pasta as being a favorite entree for me. But, Lord knows too, I get bored with cooking, with trying to come up with a different meal every day of the week and on those rare occasions when Mandy volunteers to cook, I jump quickly on that wagon! It's amazing I don't break my neck doing that jumping there too cause I don't give her much chance to reconsider or take back water once the offer is extended! I may not be of the genius caliber but I'm also not that dumb to let a gift horse escape ya know!

I'm thankful too that my family here as well as my other two kids all have pretty good capabilities in the "sense of humor" department too and when I tease them, make fun of them - no different than what they do to me, so turn about is fair play ya see - they understand this because it's the way we all operate, together, to try to see something funny in everything we possibly can. Makes life just a tad bit easier that way, ya know!

Blogger is once again not being extremely fast nor is it being very friendly again tonight to me. I don't know what the problem is there but by jove, I do wish to heck it would get the lard out, get rid of the bugaboo up its butt, straighten up and fly right! Yes indeedy I do! This business of clicking in to read a particular blog and having to wait and wait and WAIT some more for it to open is really difficult for me because when I sit still like that -nothing else to do but wait -it tends to make me want to fall asleep sitting up, with my eyes glued permanently on the monitor screen! One of these days, I'm gonna get whiplash from waking too suddenly, jerking my neck or some such happening, when I come to again and my internet connection has timed out waiting on blogger to open stuff for me. I think I watch too much "Law and Order" and expect when I click something open it should be there -as quickly as a snap of the fingers -and when it isn't, I just get really frustrated, very quickly. Know what I mean, jellybean, jellybean?

But, slowness of the internet dialup (automatically slow for openers of course) and for the crawling of the blogs as they struggle to open, or the comments section to not want to open correctly so I can read all about your day's activities, I am still very darned thankful that I have this computer, that I even have the stinky slow, crawler dial-up and someday, after I hit the lottery, I will have high speed connectivity here cause I'll pay verizon whatever fee they want then out of my lottery superball jackpot winnings then to have my own dsl installed here. Yes, I will! Can you hear me now? Just need to start buying those lovely little lottery tickets now I suppose, won't I?

Time to be thankful for the little things in life, even when they bug the living daylights out of me at times, ya see!


janeywan said...

I've removed everything that I think was slowing my site upload time. My header photo probably is a hog, but can't remove it cause who would know it was me without my header??

Theresa said...

Yes always thankful when my hubby decides to cook- this happens about 1 time a month.

It is funny my hubby job entails computers, so I always ask him my questions and he is amazed that people at school (the educators of our youth) look to me for computer advice- just in the past two days 4 people asked me for computer advice.

dr sardonicus said...

You can Google HTML and find a number of good tutorials on the subject. That's how I learned my rudimentary skills.

This Eclectic Life said...

I can so relate to your problems. I'm struggling with an internet connection in a hotel that doesn't allow for much! I"m learning to recognize some of the html and can cut and paste. Unfortunately none of it comes easy! Keep plugging!

sognatrice said...

Definitely one of the most frustrating things in my life is when the internet is acting up. We come here for some peace and quiet, and when we get stress in return, well that's not very nice....

So glad to hear your daughter entered the kitchen! I didn't cook at all until I was on my own and had to and now I love it...sometimes it takes a bit of an impetus (like being hungry and unable to afford take-out every night!) ;)

Saedel said...

Yes, I am thankful I know my stuff when it comes to computer mainly because, like you, I always want to learn new things about it.

Like many others, I taught myself HTML. It was a painful process then if you want to code a page from scratch. So I'm thankful for WYSIWYG HTML Editors like FrontPage (the first one I learned), and DreamWeaver (the one I'm using in my Web Design for myself and for my clients), they make my life a lot easier. I just have to tweak codes when necessary.

Sylvia said...

I REFUSE to learn html. lol I worked with computers for the past 20 years and learned a lot of stuff but for some reason html code seems to be Greek as far as I am concerned. I like the last sentence in the post. Fits me like a glove.