Thursday, July 26, 2007


Finally! I got blogger to load a photo for me and it only took me seven (yes, 7) minutes for it to process it and put it up on my blog! Phew! I'm just about exhausted from all that waiting time.
The above photo is of my two younger grandchildren - the Princess, Maya and her baby brother, the littlest Prince, Kurtis. Don't they just look like a couple of little scruffballs though - Maya with her mouth smeared up -probably with one of her favorite substances, Chocolate! But boy, you sure can see how much these two do look alike here, can't you?
Here's my older grandson - Alex - who will be 10 next month. This was taken one night about two weeks or so back when he and his mother and her fiance had come up for supper and he was clowning around with this goofy wig that my son, Clayton, loves to have fun with. Isn't he just the cutest little hippie though? That's my daughter, Mandy, standing off to the right, admiring her nephew.
And here's the littlest prince, Kurtis, sporting Uncle Clate's fancy wig too. He does cut quite a snazzy pose there I think.

And now, I'm all pictured out - at least for the moment!

Time to try to figure out what to fix for supper along with the small steaks I put out to thaw. Here's hoping the weather holds up and we don't get hit about the time the son-in-law puts the meat on the grill with a big old electrical storm they say is brewing now in the western part of our county. Not that I am wishing the folks over in Blair county anything bad, but I'd just as soon see the storm by-pass this region entirely and go rain on someone else's supper cause I just don't really feel much like cooking anything inside tonight!

Ask me tomorrow how well that plan went for me too, will ya?

Oh - and one more thing - reading through my favorite blogs today, I got a good chuckle out of two posts my old friend at the "World's Largest Private Weather Forecasting Company" had to say about a couple of things. Take a peek in and see what John said that brought more than just a smile to my face.

Carpe diem!


Shelby said...

Carpe diem to you too! :)

the photos are precious!!

Smalltown RN said...

OH I am so glad the photos finally worked for you.....they are great..and the little one...yes that is a photo that you will treasure and use when they are older and you need to roast them...tee hee....cheers my friend...

Paula said...

They are adorable! I've been having the same problem lately with it taking forever to load my pictures. Frustrating!
Hope the cooking outside plan went well for you.
Have a great day...

Vic Grace said...

Lovely to have the pics on the blog. I know what you mean about waiting for stuff to show up. I have stopped going to some blogs because it is so slow. However as soon as I have paid off the roof and propane heater I am going to get broadband and I should be able to upload and visit to my hearts content.

BTW thanks for telling me the link doesn't work. I fixed and put up a picture of the cabinets. Hope you are having a fine day there, we have had more torrential rain

Linda said...

I'm so glad that your pictures finally loaded - they were well worth the wait as they are just adorable! I don't know why Blogger sometimes seems to take forever to load things up. Come to think of it, I don't understand A LOT of this technology!