Sunday, July 08, 2007

"And, The Award Goes To...."

What a surprise I had this evening!

My daughter, her husband, his sister, all three of the step-grandchildren, Maya, Kurtis and I went for a walk around the village. It amounts to close to two miles we covered, taking turns pushing Kurtis in his stroller and holding Maya's hand so she wouldn't get too rambunctious on us along the way.

It was a nice walk -warm, yes but starting to cool off and not very many of the pesky little gnats that love to fly in your face or worse, right up your nose and into your eyes were out this evening which made it even better. Saw a few neighbors out along our street and spoke to them and along the road in the back section of town, we stopped briefly so the kids could say hello to their grandfather too. Just a nice leisurely walk and thankfully, so far, my legs and back aren't sending up a bunch of nasty pain signals to me.

After we got home and I logged back into the computer, there I found a surprise waiting for me. Seems I have been given the "Schmoozer Blogger Award" from my friend Linda.

I know I have the "gift for gab" - learned that early on in elementary school when every report card I brought home, much to my mother's chagrin, always had a checkmark under the deportment area, "Whispers." Sometimes the teacher even elaborated a bit on just how much I whispered too!

And the "whispers" thing must also be an inherited thing too because my son, after his very first day in kindergarten, when asked at supper that night if he learned anything or if the teacher told him anything and he replied, "Yes, she said to "zip your lip!"

And, over the years, I often employed that ability to talk usually fairly easily with people -old, young, strangers, old friends alike -when I worked as a waitress and also for the eighteen plus years that I was also the Avon representative in my area. For most of the years I sold Avon I was consistently in the Top Ten reps in our district for sales so the ability to converse obviously came in handy there.

Now, schmoozing on the other hand - I may be able to do that but remember I said it also is apparently an inherited trait because "schmoozing" per se - well, that's something my son REALLY does and does it much, much better than I ever could! Too bad he doesn't have a blog cause I could definitely give this award to him!

But, I can think of several other bloggers who definitely deserve this award and I'm going to share this with them here and now.
Here's to each of you - for your "schmoozing" and great blogging abilities:

Debo Blue @

LatteGirl @

Mr. Burnett @

Vic up in British Columbia @

Gene the Fireman @

Shelby, my grad student friend in Alabama @

Mau in Ontario @

and to A certain produce worker in Georgia with his unique style @

And those are just for openers! So come on by and pick up your award and wear it on your blog in good health and for being the great, interesting, empathetic and often humorous bloggers that you are!

Schmooze On!


Anonymous said...

My first award!!

I'd like to thank the Academy and all the little people who helped make this happen:-)

Thank you, Jeni!

Debo Blue

Vic Grace said...

Well thank you but what does schmoozing mean is it Yiddish!

I'd like to thank you Jeni for being a consistent visitor and commenter. There have been times I thought of giving up this blog but your encouragement has meant a lot.

Meloncutter said...

Awwwww Shuckybuckets. (blushing)

Thank you. I shall post this with pride. (still Blushing).

Later Y'all.

Shelby said...

oh thank you!!! I love awards!!!

Congrats on yours!!!

Happy Monday :)

James Burnett said...

Jeni, I'm flattered. Thank you very much! I've been called a schmoozer before, but I was never quite sure if it was complementary or not. This was very nice of you. As time permits I hope to get even more involved in the blogging community. I may not draw 30,000-plus visitors a day like my work colleague Dave Barry does to his blog. But I'm happy w/my couple hundred daily visitors, I hope to increase those numbers soon, and I'm glad to count you among my regular visitors. Thanks again.

Linda said...

Jeni, I'm so glad that you liked your award! I always, always, always enjoy your comments that you leave and visiting here is like a trip to a small town for a little while. Very relaxing and down-home!

Seems that you have passed the award on to some other well-deserving Schmoozers, too!

Momma Roar said...

Just out bloghopping - I think by way of Shelby - anyway, I'm a graduate of PSU also - I live in lanc co.

Happy Blogging