Sunday, July 08, 2007

Making Progress

This morning, when I finally got around to doing a post, as you will recall, I was grumping about my life being so bloody bland and boring and how I accomplished absolutely zilch over the prior two day period.

Actually, I did manage to get SOMETHING done in that time span. I had been practically sweating bullets here trying to put together a newsletter-announcement to e-mail and also, snail mail, to members of my family and I was just not getting anything to come together there. I had written to two of my cousins - both who are big supporters of our reunion too - lamenting about this darned newsletter really bugging me and last night, one of my cousins sent me an e-mail that solved my problem!

She's the President of our reunion for this year so she took it upon herself then to write an announcement in which she said a lot of the same things I've been saying to the family about the reunion going down the tubes, etc., but she was able to do it in a good way. So, I took her piece, added about 2-3 small paragraphs with current information about the event and e-mailed it then to all members of the family I have e-mail addys for. Now I just have to print and send maybe 20 other copies out to family members who are not "online."

After that, I pulled up a web photo album I had been working on -family photos, etc., - finished putting captions on the pictures and e-mailed the website for the albums to family members too. As a result, tonight, I did get a response from two cousins about the photo albums sites. And one even wrote an additional note telling me his family WON'T be able to attend the reunion and why so at least I now have one reunion response to record too!

Then, I took photos I have on my computer - recent ones - and uploaded about three rolls of pictures to create another web album. The pictures in this album has quite a few of the recent pictures I had posted on my blog of my grandkids in their pool as well as the Mother's day photos of my daughter, the grandkids and me with my "new swing" and the pics of my son taking me on my motorcycle ride too on Mother's Day.

Now I was on a roll so I went in and pulled off all the photos I had taken at our 45th Class Reunion along with the group photo of my classmates (and me) taken by the husband of one of our classmates, and uploaded those pictures into an album just for our 45th class reunion. And, I sent the url for that out to all classmates I have an e-mail address for. I also sent a copy of the album to a guy who graduated a year ahead of our class and who maintains a really neat set-up to keep his classmates in contact via e-mail. He wrote back within about 15 minutes after I sent this website out saying he really liked the job I'd done on that album and wanted to know how I'd done it. (I use picasa2 web albums, etc.) I wrote back and told him what I use etc., and that considering he is much more savvy in the technical and photo department than I am so once he downloads picasa2, he can then give me more instructions on how to make better use of that program.

Right now, as I type this post, I am currently uploading over 30 photos to yet another album I'm going to have about my high school class. This album will hold photos from previous class reunions we've had - 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 40th - and I'll send that out to make it available too for my classmates.

And, finally - remember I said how I made this big posterboard collage of photos of my classmates with pictures some dating back to 1945 and up through current pictures of classmates as well as their families? Well, my next photo project will be to take all those pictures I have on my computer that I used for the posterboard display and will upload them all to a big album too. But I will break it out so that the photos are organized by each classmate then and now. How's that sound? I hope it works out and turns out ok!

I have also been reading a book this week too - another Jodi Picoult book - "Finding Faith." If anyone likes a good fiction book, I highly recommend anything by Jodi Picoult! And this book was no exception to that rule as it was really a spellbinder type read. So, I did accomplish something else there too.

This evening, Mandy and I went for a walk down the road from our house with the two little ones. Mandy had Kurtis in his stroller and Maya was walking with me. When we were ready to start out on our walk, I asked Mandy which direction we were heading and she motioned we would go to our left and head down the street because Maya wanted to "See the 25!" See the what? Yes, the 25! It seems there is a sign about 3-4 houses down from our place - a speed limit sign no less, that says 25 on it and Maya had spied that and that's what she wanted to go see. This child has a major fascination for numbers -in any way, shape or form! And, especially route numbers along the highway or speed signs too as we realized this evening. Go figure, huh?

So now, for anyone from my class who didn't receive an e-mail with the photo website - (and for anyone else who wants to take a peek at what my "old" classmates and I look like these days) -here's the picasa web album for your viewing pleasure.


And with that too, I bid you all a very good night with wishes for a great day tomorrow!


Linda said...

I think I've read a Jodi Picoult book or two though darned if I can remember the titles of them at this point!

Right now I'm reading this extra-large novel called "The Historian" that my supervisor gave me. It's about Dracula and Vlad the Impaler and God knows what else but a handful of people have told me it's really good. It's probably going to take me months to read, though, and I just don't seem to have the time to read these days. Too much time spent blogging instead!

Linda said...

Hi again Jeni - I left you an award over on my blog for today's post. Stop by and get it when you get the chance!