Sunday, July 01, 2007

Things That Go Bump

So, here I was tonight, sitting in my normal chair, same place as always - in front of the computer -same position too with the right leg curled up under me - and trying to read two-three days worth of posts on my favorite blog sites. Are you with me thus far? Ok, it's not a long trip to do that ya know. Anyway, my little grandson -that would be the "Duke" -Kurtis - is in the playpen and he's managed to do his version of housecleaning his space. He's tossed out this really nifty polar bear type pillow along with a really pretty, very soft and cuddly white pillow case that has a huge bunny's head on it. Trust me when I tell you, this thing is soooo neat, so awesome. (Both were gifts to the Princess, Maya, when she was a between 12-18 months old from a my cousin Bea, with whom my kids and I are very, very close.) I hear him start to do his whimper/whine type of cry, glance over at him and see all this stuff laying about on the floor in front of the playpen - not a really big surprise as he "housecleans" like that every now and again - but what I saw inside the playpen with him really about made me drop my teeth on the spot!

Mandy has this huge ball - almost like a medicine ball type, at least in size, but not near as heavy and somehow or other that little guy had managed -heaven only knows how though - to get a grasp on that ball and he'd pulled it into the playpen with him! And now that it was there, sharing his space, he wasn't to enthused about it being present.

Maya had fallen asleep on the sofa and was sleeping away, ever so peaceful so to try to settle Kurtis down a bit, I removed the ball, replaced it with the bunny and bear and added to it his normal pre-sleep first bottle. (Usually it takes about two bottles every night to get him all ready then to fall asleep.) And I returned to my reading the blog favorites, making comments here and there, etc.

All of a sudden, I hear this really loud thump noise and Kurtis is howling -I mean really loud and I look but can't see where there is anything wrong unless maybe he was rooting around and had bumped his head maybe. But he didn't begin to quiet down so I got up to go check closer on him and then I realized there was another set of lungs adding wailing to the mix. And there was Miss Maya laying on the floor between the sofa and the chest/table in front of the couch. Poor kid had rolled over in her sleep and rolled right off the sofa and clunked her head on the floor. And, the noise of her falling had startled Kurtis which then set him off too so there I was with two really loud bawling kids!

Fortunately, once I got Maya up and checked to make sure she hadn't hit her head on a corner of the chest/table or anything really serious like that, she quieted down fairly quickly and so did Kurtis then so I was able to return to my original fun - reading blogs!

To those of you who commented on my post "Lost" -mainly about the employer who gave me the unpaid week's vacation and write-up for something that was actually his fault, I could tell some other stories of things he did to some of the other employees at that place as well as to some customers too because of his own lack of properly attending to his duties as the General Manager of the Complex. However, and this just goes to prove a point I've always tried to make with my kids - never bother setting out to try to get revenge as it almost always backfires and then, you've expended so much time and energy to have something blow up in your face, figuratively speaking. Instead, I try to put things aside and if revenge is intended, then Karma or whatever powers that be in that respect, will come along and set things right. And you know, in the case of that guy, I feel that is exactly what happened too because about two years ago this spring or summer, I received an e-mail from one of the cooks at that place who had worked there for me telling me that guy had just been fired. They got him for cheating several of the mechanics and fuel workers out of hours they deserved to be paid for; along with stealing from the company by ordering stuff for his home and paying for it with company funds, for not fulfilling his weekly hours contract with the company and a few other minor infractions! Revenge, when you haven't had to use up any of your own valuable energy is truly sweet! Now, if the powers that be in that company had actually paid attention to the termination survey I had to fill out in which I listed several things about the way things happened in that place, they could have saved themselves a whole heck of a lot of loss of money. Maybe the next time some dumb broad quasi management person tells them something they'll think twice that there just might be more than a smidgen of truth to what is said then. D'ya think that will happen? Probably not as they tend to be a bit of the "dumber than a doorknob" variety there but it's nice to think maybe, just maybe, they learned a lesson too. You all have no idea how happy I am that I am no longer working there and haven't since August of 2001 either. I gave my notice about two weeks after that unpaid vacation deal and was going to leave just to work three nights a week as a waitress at a truckstop about 4 miles from my house and look for a decent job (dreaming again that such things actually do exist in this neck of the woods) that might actually have utilized my education instead of ruining my health.

And, before I close up shop here tonight I just have one question for my friend, Shelby, down in Alabama - how did you know when you posted your comments tonight that I was still up and playing on the computer anyway? LOL

But I won't be for very much longer - as I am tired tonight and maybe, just maybe, if my little Duke here is cooperative and sleeps through the whole night without waking old Grammy up, I'll be able to fall asleep and sleep soundly enough to awaken in time -and rested enough - to get ready to make it to church in the morning. That's a lot of variables there folks, but every once in a while, things like that do come together - Kurtis sleeps straight through and so does Gram - and I get a solid, decent nights sleep.

Say a prayer for that and for all kinds of other things too while you're at it -like say maybe Peace? Wouldn't that just be a nice one to have come our way though? Or good health, love, prosperity, end world hunger, a cure for AIDS, Cancer, Heart Disease and well, everything atrocious like that. And, I haven't heard anything now since Thursday about my cousin's wife, Karen, who had the heart transplant but I'm sure things must be going along on a smooth path there or I certainly would have heard by now if it were other than that.

Anyway - just say those prayers, will ya please.!!!


Singing Owl said...

MAN! Anyone who has been wait staff, well, God bless 'em. I could never do it, and I know it. I try to remember that at tip time.

And dang it, I went and read the Wal-Mart lady's blog...and had to MAKE myself stop.

And I really stopped in partly to say thanks for the encouragment about the piano playing...maybe it can happen. Time will tell, I guess. :-)

lattégirl said...

You always have such interesting stories to tell!

Had to laugh at poor Curtis and the big ball taking up too much room in his playpen... and poor Maya falling off the couch. Ouch!