Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blog surfing

Last night and again this morning, I decided I hadn't surfed around and read any new blogs lately, so with a flick of the wrist on the faithful mouse, I hit the "next blog" button and off I went.

However, it quickly turned into a very boring, also very irritating surfing adventure -at least in my book.

It seemed that every third or fourth click to a new blog either brought up a blog with the same header about getting super free software or some such thing or else, it was someone trying to get me to click into a porn type of site.

I've never had a problem like that before when I went "blog hopping" and was wondering a couple of things about this happening. One, has anyone else experienced the same type of stuff coming up when you surf the blogs and two, does Blogger have some type of cookie or something that it is using, supposedly to zero in to blogs it thinks I would have a particular interest in viewing?

If so, especially on the second question there, I'm wondering how the heck they or whoever, got the idea I'd be interested in looking at any type of porn - soft or hard core? And, why am I constantly getting the blogs coming up with the "free software" junk being offered?

Just wondering.


Meloncutter said...

I don't use the next blog thing. I never find anything of interest. To me, I just pick a blog I visit and start following links of other blogs at random. I can usually find some pretty good blogs that way.

Just a thought.

Later Y'all.

lattégirl said...

I have experienced the same thing with "next blog." So I think it's pretty much not worth using at all. I, like meloncutter, have found that the best way to find new blogs is to check out the blogrolls created by the people whose blogs you love to read. Generally, that is a good indication of fine reading ahead. :)

Linda said...

I'm with Melon on this one. When my blog was redesigned last December the "next blog" button was left off and I've never missed it myself. I'm sure that there are a lot of great blogs out there that I'm missing but I've got such a great group I read now that I would be hard-pressed to add more daily reads as it is!

I'm going to stick with the known quality I have rather than search out random crap!

TomCat said...

I tried an experiment. I pressed 'next blog' five times to see what I'd get. One had just one article in Arabic. Three were spam. One was not only spam, but it also ran a malicious script that attempted to change my home page to a porn site and attempted to install spyware on my computer.

I've never used that function before, and would recommend against doing so.