Monday, August 13, 2007

What am I doing here?

I'm not really sure at any given time what I am doing ANYWHERE much less in the technical arena called Blogging.

But today, this is what I am doing here. Trying to follow the directions with Technorati to complete the claim on my blog. I'm not at all sure what that means. Haven't a clue what it entails. Moreover, I have no clue either as to what the "Authority" label on everyone's blog signifies. Anyone care to explain some of this stuff - in really, really simple, very plain English? No computerese language please as it isn't in my repertoire of foreign-speak. Maybe sometime, if I'm lucky, I'll figure out a few more things about this stuff but right now, it doesn't look terribly promising.

So, here then is the line technorati says I am supposed to place, somewhere in the text of this post.
Technorati Profile

Ok - that's done. Now, let's sit back and see what -if anything - happens next.


Shelby said...

I don't know what to do with technorati.. tell me if you figure anything out ..

happy Monday :)

Claire said...

I have favourited you :) just make sure people click on the 'add this' button that way your authority increases.

If you keep checking your technorati profile and pinging yourself, you can also see who has linked to you.

how come the layout change?

Smalltown RN said...

I love your new layout did a great girl you are getting very talented....oh I didn't mean it to sound that are talented....I know that...just mean you figured it all out very well...I am still flubbing my way around blogger and all the Mr. Linky and Techno...stuff...good grief there is a lot to I think I will just do meme's instead...have a grand day!

Berni said...

'Authority' is how many other blogs link to you. Supposedly your authority goes up each time a person links to your blog but Technorati have been having a few problems with that lately. I will favourite you also, so you will see my picture on your account at Technorati. I am not sure if that also affects the authority. The other thing to do is "ping" your blog. Actually blogger does a pretty good job of forwarding your stuff but if you want to make sure go to Technorati and at the botton of any page you will see "ping us" click on that and follows instructions for them to get your latest post.

Another Technorati trick is tags. If you have written a post that you want picked up by Technorati search you have to do a little html code work. It's very easy.

html example

[tagname tagname]

Go to your posting page in blogger and hit edit html button next to compose. Find the text you want to tag and copy and paste this in front of it. Then you would have to make a couple of changes.

Say I want to take some of the text from the above paragraph and tag it (posting pages)

The html code would like this

posting pages

then that would now be a link for anyone looking for 'posting pages' to find your article.

More confused. Sorry

Anything else I can confuse you with.

Berni said...

That didn't work it just made a link.I probably should have put the code in quotes Phooey Let me try it on my site for you to see