Friday, August 17, 2007

A Really NICE Picker-upper!

WOW! What a surprise. I opened an e-mail this afternoon from my blogger buddy, Mau from Canada and there was this note telling me she had given me a "Nice Matters Award." Wow! The only thing I can do after taking a bow and offering profuse "thank you's" to Mau is to think of that song "You Don't Know Me!" (Know which one I mean there.) I don't go out of my way, not usually, to be contrary or sarcastic and stuff but my kids would say that song frequently does fit me when thinking of me in the "nice" category. Or, as my son tells the 15-year-old stepgranddaughter here all the time, "That person is NOT the same person that I grew up with" as he points directly at me! Age does wonders Son, that's about all I can offer for an explanation there. But seriously, Mau, I do very much appreciate this award and I will try to show it was at least on some occasions, deserved too. (Not an easy feat for me some days, ya know.)

Here's what the Nice Matters Award looks like and as you can see, I've already added it in my sidebar. For me to stop everything and add things to my sidebar - well, that's quite a big deal in my life too, ya know. And here's what folks are supposed to be like in order to receive one of these awards:

This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to others who you feel are deserving of this award.

Now, I get to pass this award on to other bloggers who I feel deserve this honor. So, here goes!

Maddie - Now, here's a lady who also should get a similar award for patience too! She has two young sons, both who are autistic, and in her blog, she chronicles many of the things she deals with on a daily basis with the boys and the methods she has tried, uses now or is thinking of employing to enable them to function better and better each day. She does these tasks with the boys in such a nice manner, exemplifies patience and gives me strength by reading her blog that there's hope for me to acquire the patience thing someday, maybe even soon too. Who knows, it could happen ya know!

Sognatrice - Now here's a very nice young lady, originally from the States but who now makes her home in Italy. I've been reading her blog off and on for quite some time now but because I am the queen of procrastination (should maybe think of changing my blog name to reflect that trait?), I just got around today to adding her blog to my blog favorites list. Pictures that will make you want to get a passport and book a trip to Italy as soon as possible are just one of many aspects on her blog. Recipes too and descriptions of her garden and her skills in that respect abound as well -along with lots of other neat little things this writer (and she is that - a writer) puts into her blog all done in a very, very NICE way!

Patois - Another new addition to my favorites list is this SAHM. She writes about the goings on in her home with her husband, children, their activities and such with style, grace, humor and once again -NICE - very nice, so I think she deserves this award too.

Atlanta Attorney Dave
- Now here's a switch for you! I came across Dave's blog a while back on my friend Debo Blue's blog. I have to tell you too, I haven't seen that Dave has any thing on his sidebar in the way of awards or anything so don't know if he's never had anyone give him one for his blog or if maybe he doesn't like to mess up the clean "landscape" of his neat and tidy and very NICE blog or not. But if he does, here's an award he can use if he'd like to post one there. He writes about many topics -with great wisdom, humor too and occasionally tosses a bit of sarcasm in, just for balance I think. Check his blog out and I'm sure you'll agree with me his blog is pretty doggone NICE. (I added him to my favorites list about a week ago now and never got around to introducing him at that time.)

Bruce In Eastern PA - Now, if you open his blog today, don't be mislead by the title of his top post (Jerkstore) and think that I must need my head examined to give someone with a topic like that a Nice Matters Award. Read his posts and you'll find a gentleman, through and through, who speaks his mind but isn't afraid to show his caring side too. After checking his blog out, I'm betting you'll agree with me that he really rates a NICE too for a job well done on his blog.

Walking Blind - Another new blog to my favorites list who I neglected to introduce here properly. He writes about lots of things many which delve into societal problems but he does so in a manner that is tactful, thoughtful and very, very NICE. He speaks openly about some of his past problems too which is nice to read especially on days when maybe you might be a little down, a little harder on yourself than is really necessary. Gives a lot of insightful and good words there.

Sasha AKA Billie Jo - This award goes to a young lady who is brand spanking new to the world of blogging. Just introduced her blog today as a matter of fact! Now, how you may ask can I justify giving a new blogger and award for "Nice Matters?" Well, let me explain that. (Yeah, you knew I would do that didn't you?) I've known her for probably sixteen years or better perhaps. She graduated from high school with my younger daughter, they shared an apartment for a time when she was an undergrad at Penn State (yes, she has good taste where higher education is concerned - WE ARE!) and Mandy was working over in State College plus she was my son's girlfriend for several years too. So, yes indeed, I can say this is a very NICE young woman, hard working, great student -doing graduate work now and I thought maybe it would be pretty doggone nice too if everyone here stopped by to tell her hello, that you heard she's a good kid, nice person and all that and welcome her to the blogscene! Now that move on my part today, I think I was being really nice, don't you?

I think I have my bases covered now as to who I'd like to pass this award to and why. Hope you agree with me too and enjoy what each of these fellow bloggers has to offer.

Now, everyone go and write and be NICE!


Dave said...


Thank you for the award. A few months back I got the then current trendy "Thinking Blogger" award from Fermi/Christi of Cosmic Cat fame, I'm not good at hyperlinks, so if you or your readers are interested, click the link to me, go to my blog and the find Cosmic Cat in the Recommended sidebar. She offered me my choice of a gold or silver little plaque to place on the blog. I spent a few minutes, and since I can't do a hyperlink, gave up.

That said, I'm going to stay with the clean, lack of computer ability look.

Oh, and the "Nice" thing. That's the male equivalant of "she has a nice personality." "He's such a nice guy, not my type, but he is so nice."

To all of Jeni's readers, of her conferred nice bloggers, I've only read one. His name in real life is Bruce; but, online, I've dubbed him Pos. He is a must read for me, even before he "came out." Do give him a try.

Finally, Jeni, why do I write almost as much as you do when I comment on your blog or respond to your comment on mine? That really wasn't finally. Jeni, get Debo to write more, God knows, I can't.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm very touched.

I'm also very grateful to having the chance of checking out those that you recommend as there are so many blogs out there and so little time.

Best wishes as always

Keith said...

Thanks for the wonderful award.

As for the friend you mentioned in your comment on my blog, that was GREAT news. 7 days sober is better then 6 or less. I would be more than willing to dialogue with her about her progress. All she would have to do is email me (there should be a link on my blog) or just comment and I would reply to her as soon as possible.

I can't tell you how much my life changed after I became sober. Truly amazing!

Thanks again for your comments and your blog.

Be well.


masgblog said...

Glad that you're glad. It's always nice to be nice to the nice.

Happy weekend, Jeni.

Linda said...

Congrats on a well-deserved award and those look like some excellent choices that you have passed it on to. I'm only familiar with Maddy so will have to check out the others.

When I was given my award I just didn't know who I would or could give it to as I just don't like to make choices when it comes to these things. So many of the people whose blogs I read deserve these awards and titles and I really don't like playing favorites and having to pick just a few. I guess it was a good thing I was too tired to even think about who to give the award to when I did my post last night!

Patois42 said...

I'm with you in thinking there must be some mistake! I thank you for the award. I'm really so not nice, though! (Ask my nine-year-old daughter who I won't let spend the night at a friend's house tonight because she has a dance recital tomorrow. Or ask my eldest, 10, who spent quite a bit of time in the room today for being snarly to his younger brother.) I thank you, though. Hey, I'm showing manners. Maybe I am nice!

Debo Blue said...

I love the new look! I really need to do something like this over at my place. It's getting a bit dowdy looking.

Was it easy to switch?

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Hey you've changed things a bit around here; very nice :)

Thanks so much for the award and kind words--completely unexpected but very much appreciated. I, too, look forward to visiting the other places you've chosen to honor.

Thanks again :)

TomCat said...

Congrats to you, Jeni, and to the people you picked. If they have your recommendation, they must be great folks.