Friday, July 03, 2015

What Happened to the Space?

I suppose I am like just about every other home owner or tenant when it comes to looking at my residence and wondering why I just don't seem to have near enough room to store things!

My biggest issue -as with probably 95% of society -stems with my kitchen and the cupboards there. I think even if I had the funds now to redo my kitchen all over again, I would still find that my cupboard space is severely lacking!

I know this because back in 1989 I had my kitchen redone and I do have several more cabinets than I had previously and yet, when I go to my cupboards and start attempting to locate and pull out bowls and pots and pans and utensils I need to cook a meal or bake something, I frequently feel like I am living my life a bit like "Fibber McGee and Molly" and opening a cupboard door can at times be a bit of a crap shoot as to whether I can get something I need out of there without a bunch of other items falling out on my head in the process!

Now, I know there is no way I can make any major changes to my kitchen unless I would happen to win a Super Lottery of many millions of bucks but I keep telling myself that there has to be something that can be done to provide for a little better organization in those danged cupboards!

Organization skills are not exactly my finer points in my life, that I know for sure by now. But still, I'm always looking at things that might just be relatively inexpensive to put into play in my kitchen. Or, at least I hope there is a potential for help there!

I did however come across something that could possibly be helpful and that is getting cabinetry add-ons using slides in my cupboards and drawers. The only drawback, really, would be finding things in the proper drawer slide size so that some of these contraptions would then fit in my cupboards.

Of course, due to my puny retirement budget, it would still require saving a bit of money to get the items I think might help resolve my issues, but it sure wouldn't call for my winning a big lottery prize!

Who knows but maybe one of these days I can do something there and be able to work in my kitchen without fear of a frying pan or big glass baking dish coming down and clunking my head, leaving me without those few brain cells I still have that still work now and then!

A Big Day!

So, unless you're totally living under a rock now, we are all aware (I hope) of what tomorrow is, aren't we?

A day for people coming together for picnics and/or barbeques, parades, carnivals and all sorts of entertaining events as we celebrate a huge birthday party for all of us in the form of the biggest event of the year's celebrations for our country.

Of course, it's the Fourth of July or Independence Day and on this day we commemorate the events of 1776 in Philadelphia when the original colonies started things off with our Declaration of Independence.

It's a holiday from our history and the beginnings of what would become one of the greatest -if not THE greatest nation in the world!

Sometimes though, as with many other holidays we celebrate every year, how much we take into consideration just how fortunate we are to have had those men who signed the Declaration of Independence and how much this ultimately means to all of  us who reside in this awesome land.

We are truly blessed that they composed that document which in turn led to the Constitution of our country and the Bill of Rights as well too.

Back in 1776, we were just a small area on this continent but the inhabitants then were strong in their beliefs that unity of the various areas populated then would be best served if they joined together -unity, as well as more safety in numbers too, in could be said and their ideas which, in my opinion in the simple phrase "With liberty and justice for all" should mean enough to all of us today that we remember that is what this holiday is all about.

Today, we have so many issues still affecting all of us - some much more so than others -and we do need to remember those who joined their faith and hearts to put into words the meaning they felt were necessary for us to move forward together.

And, yes indeed, we have moved forward over those 249 years, haven't we? We have amendments to our constitution that those early colonists perhaps never even imagined would or could take place -Women's right to vote and an end to slavery are just two that are extremely meaningful.

But sadly, putting an end to slavery didn't put an end to the issue of racism. Granted, I do think we've come a long way towards resolving that problem but we still have a long, long way to go there until we all truly love our fellowman and citizens here to enable everyone to be treated the same and respected as individuals -not hating others simply because they are from another country or their skin is a different color.

We all have the same thing under our skin -blood flows freely there -and we are identical in that respect. And, I believe we should feel that all who live here do have the right to live freely without being hated and mistreated simply because of those differences in our ethnicity or skin tones!

Today, we also have the issues regarding Gay Rights now too -something that was kept hidden away or "closeted" as long as our society has existed. I find it ridiculous that people who have different sexual preferences should be look upon as being second-class citizens. We have so much scientific knowledge now and it is a known factor that homosexuality is not a matter of individual choice but rather is something that 10% of the people who live in this land with all these freedoms we have, are born this way.

The Supreme Court finally passed judgement now that will allow those from what is commonly referred to now as being the "Gay Community" to marry and thus be afforded equal rights to the heterosexual community and that is a big step in the forward direction now. Many of those against this ruling preach about the sanctity of marriage and yet, have no qualms about marrying and divorcing and often repeating that act then too.

Those are to my mind, the biggest issues we still need to put a lot more work into resolution of them and thus, providing the original intent of those who began this march two and a half centuries ago. They aren't the only problems our country still faces but I do believe if we are willing to meet those with opposing views halfway, we can begin to heal these wounds to so many of our society.

So tomorrow, as you do your celebrating of this wonderful birthday, think about all the good things that come to all of us today just through the Declaration of Independence. Do it with reverence and a few prayers too that we can continue to live in this country as freely as our laws intend us to enjoy.

And do it with love and respect for those who came before us, even those currently serving us in our Congress, Senate and as President too -regardless of whether you believe totally in their efforts in their posts.

Wave that flag! Let "Old Glory" shine unfurled for all to see and show respect for our flag then by not burning or stomping on it as it is a symbol to all of us of what we all stand for as residents of this beautiful nation.

And then, do have a Happy 4th of July with family and friends in the knowledge that our system is still the best there is to date. This doesn't mean we are always 100% correct in some of our ways, but we have the freedoms here to take steps to correct those areas that need reformation.