Monday, August 27, 2007

Nice Times Two

I'm really going to have to watch my p&q's, be on my best -and nicest -behavior too.

Why? Because today, the author of the great birthday blog (this past Friday) and my very first blogging friend too, made me the recipient of another "Nice Matters" award - my second one! WOW!! Now that, to me, is really impressive! If you look along the sidebar of my blog, you can see the Nice Matters Award which I have now labeled as being a second-time award and I added Skittles name to it at the bottom as being one of those who gave this to me.

Maybe I should point all three of my kids in the direction of my blog and let them see this award since all too often, they wouldn't always agree with the idea of my being "nice." ya know. Although I know there are times, many of 'em too, where my kids might be more that a little irritated with me, I think the good thing there is regardless, they know I'll always love them and, even if their patience levels might run pretty low at times with me, I know they feel the same way in return.

I think the weird hours I've kept this past week -all for the sake of waiting out my grandson's quest to fall asleep really caught up with me yesterday and today.

Friday night, I was awake till almost 7 a.m. Saturday morning and then cat-napped here and there throughout the day. Saturday evening, I fell asleep within about thirty minutes after we had supper and slept for about three hours. Just enough sleep that when I woke up to make a trip to the bathroom, as I returned to my room, I was wide awake. The little guy was close then to falling asleep so I figured well, may as well play on the computer a bit till he is sound asleep but then, I couldn't go back to sleep. As a result, I was up till past 7 a.m. Sunday morning then before I finally was able to nod off. That time, I managed to cram in almost four hours of sleep. B ut by mid-afternoon, my intestines were starting to give me fits -cramps -plus my leg was swelling again and very stiff, the back aching and I had to go lay down just to get some relief. And, I fell asleep again and slept the rest of the afternoon away. After supper tonight, I decided to have a sweet treat and cut myself a slice of the cake I'd made earlier in the week for my sons birthday and as often happens when I eat something really sweet, it makes me very groggy so I fell asleep on the sofa then and was sleeping very nicely until about 11:30 p.m. At that time, my dear daughter WOKE ME UP to tell me she was going to bed. Geez, was that necessary? All she'd had to do was to turn the lights out in the room and go upstairs. The odds are that I would have awakened either if the grandson decided to start fussing or to make one of my many trips to the bathroom and I think I'd have figured out that she'd gone to bed, don't you. So now, here I am, wide awake -again - with the grandson down for the count early tonight thankfully.

Oh well! What the heck you gonna do about things like that anyway? Grin and bear it I guess.

I'll be nice about it as it gave me a chance to finish reading my favorite blogs which I hadn't been able to complete earlier today with my frequent naps and to make the changes on my blog to my "Nice Matters" award too.

I think I may just take advantage too of being awake for a while now and go do some work on my research project here. That almost always tends to make me really sleepy!


Anonymous said...

Look at your notes for August 14th.
New Coffee Mug
Your daughter was born in 1967

Barb said...

Take care of yourself!