Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Changing Blogosphere - WTF?

If I thought having a blog and making changes to it was confusing before, you should be inside my head right now!

I'm really befuddled and bewildered today, for sure.

Seems my blog changed itself virtually overnight! Or did Linda somehow get hold of my password and go monkey around with my blog while I was sleeping and change things around there? I dunno!

But here's what happened -well sort of anyway.

On Monday, while checking around my favorite blogs - one of my normal daily activities - my friend, Vic Grace had an interesting post about some little widget gadget thing she had stolen from another blogger -also another favorite of mine too - Skittles where if you added these things you could get these neat little do-dads by your comments for those lurkers to use to comment without typing anything in. Plus there was another widget you could add too -I think it is called "Guest Post" or some such name like that. Well, I was intrigued - Very much so. I went and checked out Skittles blog and I too stole from her - or at least, I tried to do that.

A few e-mails back and forth with Skittles, a new template for my blog - done mainly because the instructions from Post Reach led me to believe that I needed to do that. (Actually, their instructions say if you don't have your template as a "custom design" under the new blogger that the widgets/gadgets they offer there may not work correctly. However, I couldn't find anything on the template page that said anything about "Custom design template" so I just went and changed my template though to what you see here now.)

Anyway, back to my story. Not only were there a few e-mails flying back and forth but a whole lot of four-letter words were flying around in the vicinity of my computer too as I tried and tried to follow their directions to install the "Comment Clicks" as well as the "guest post" thingy.

Finally, I had success and presto magic, the "comment clicks" showed up on my blog. However, I couldn't get the guest post thing to work at all so just tossed that aside - at least for the moment.

Needless to say, since I am quite technically challenged, I was euphoric with that addition! Oh my yes. I e-mailed Skittles to tell her the news and we were having our own little cyberspace dance and celebration over the fact I had managed to do this little feat!

Today now, I just finished reading my blog favorites, etc - using the technorati thingy of who has recently posted on my favorites list, thus saving a bit of time clicking into each blog and finding no updates, clicking to the next one, etc., etc.

But, I needed to check out some information for a post I want/need/promised to do for Linda and to do that, I had to go into my blog, click on hers, scroll down, etc., etc.

Well, when I did that, and as I was scrolling down to her blog, I glanced over at the comments area to my last post yesterday and damned if my "comment clicks" weren't gone! WHAT? What the heck happened here? WTF? You know -all those good things we ask ourselves when something really confounds us.

I scrolled further down my blog -nope, not there! And, all I could think of then was what the heck had I done to get them there in the first place because I couldn't remember how somehow I had managed to add them to my blog y a know.

So, I started this post then to whine a bit about my lousy luck in linking stuff up you see. And as I was doing this post, I happened to click into Vic's blog for something too and damned if her comment clicks weren't missing then too although they had just been there not a half hour earlier when I'd been to her place to read her posts for today. Go figure!

Then as I came back to my blog again, gee, what a surprise awaited me because there were my "Comment clicks" back in place where they were supposed to be after all!

So, whatever happened there, I sure as hell don't know and am not going to try to investigate, especially not in that realm since I haven't a clue how to go about investigating in cyberspace to begin with!

And then people who understand this technology wonder why those of us on the lower end of the intelligence scale there can't figure things out, huh?

Peace and here's hoping nothing disappears magically and then reappears too on your pages!


Berni said...

The click comments load after everything else on your blog in order to avoid slowing it down. It is more noticeable on dial up but I would think broadband everything would be fairly instant. I can see yours.

The Shack said...

Whatever you did, it looks great!!

Linda said...

I promise, Jeni, I DID NOT hack into your blog! I've only done that once - geez, give a gal a break for one small act of breaking and entering! It was for a good cause! Heehee!

Cyndi has seen all of the comments that people have left and she is just overwhelmed that people who don't know her would do this for her. I have always told her that there are many, many good people in the Blogosphere and so many of you have proven me right.

Thank you for taking the time to warm the heart of my best friend; you're a special lady!

Barb said...

I see Vic beat me to it on telling you the Click Comments load after everything else. This is so it doesn't bog down the loading of your page.

This spacing in your links is from the template you picked. Nothing I can help ya with there unless you want to do them all by hand in html. EEK! Some have tighter spacings, like Mike's for instance.

Blog worth? Hmm. Maybe try it again and cut and paste the code again?

I'm not sure how they come up with those numbers. It might have something to do with links in and out of your blog, whether or not you have ads or sponsored places like BlogExplosion.

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Anonymous said...
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