Friday, August 24, 2007

Mixed up? Who, Moi? Hah!

I thought I was going to be really, really slick. Yep! I knew the perfect solution to a birthday present for a friend and it was going to work just fine and dandy. You betcha!

Well, as soon as I had those delusional thoughts in my pea brain, I should have clamped down on that part of my mind that allows thoughts of that nature to cease and desist and do it right damned now too!

One of the first people I "met" or got to know or became acquainted with - whatever term fits your mind about blogging buddies, works for me - was Skittles. She must have been doing some blog surfing one day and came across mine and pointed out to me that I had a SPAM message on my comments that day. And, of course, me being the new kid on the blog block and not knowing my a** from a hole in the ground too, she had to explain to me how to prevent those things from happening.

That was back in September of last year I believe and now, TODAY, as a matter of fact, Barb's got a big anniversary/birthday celebration going on at her place because today marks her blog's first birthday!

Wow! A whole year of blogging. That's cool, isn't it? Plus she noted on her blog the other day that she has also done 2000 post in that year's time too. Now that is really incredible! Some days I lose track of time and forget to post and other days, my mind just doesn't particularly care to participate and I can't think of a single thing then to write about - yeah, BRAINDEAD, that would be me for sure a lot of the time.

Now, I really wanted to do something I thought would make for a nice present for Barb for her blog's birthday but because I didn't want to risk forgetting about this important occasion - and also since I had actually thought of something to do for a gift for this auspicious event then, I decided to do my post for her birthday then, save it and then today, bright and early, I'd post it here and all would be fine!

I figured by doing that it would also be a good way for me to have a post for today too except I wouldn't have to worry today about actually writing it you see. Nope, it would be all done and all I had to do was go to the dashboard, pull it up and publish it. Right?


Well, not totally wrong because it did publish it ok. However, it is down wedged in between my post for Tuesday and the one from yesterday!

There went my theory of having today's post all done and showing up at the top of the page here - flew right out the window.

But, the fact that it is there - present and all just for Barb to partake of it - I guess it's kind of like sending a belated birthday card except this one was done ahead of time and still got kind of shoved aside because apparently I don't know or understand the proper rules behind saving a post and then publishing it at a later date.

Oh well! The message is there all the same. Barb just has to go searching for it!
Ha! And many more!


Akelamalu said...

I just took a look at the present you gave Barb, what a great present!

PS A little tip if you want to pre-do posts - before you publish click where it says 'post options'and insert the date you want to publish it.

Shelby said...

I was gonna suggest what akelamalu said... :)

good job!!! I love Skittles!!

happy day today..

Barb said...

You are SO sweet!

Linda said...

If you want to republish it to today just go in and edit the post and under "Post Options" change the date to today. Very simple, very easy! It's how you do a "sticky post", too. You put a date in the future as the publish date and it stays at the top of your entries until that date.

Mom Knows Everything said...

That's a pretty cool present. I wish I thought of that.

Smalltown RN said...

you are to thoughtful of you....I was reading your post from yesterday...seems like it is school time all around...I posted all about going back to school on my blog today.....hope life is treating you well...cheers...