Monday, February 10, 2014

Team USA - Team World!

Just wondering how many of you are doing what I was doing this evening -until I decided to write this post, that is.

And, just what is it I was doing, you ask?

Watching the 22nd Olympics, of course!

And yes indeed, I am most certainly rooting, pulling hard, for Team USA!

But much as I do cheer on the competitors who represent the good old U.S.A, I confess too that I also cheer on every one of the other competitors too. Not so much that I replace the aspect of wanting MY team to not place in the medal categories but I feel the pain of the defeat of any of those athletes who don't make it to the podium or to the top 10 category even.

Frankly, I think every last one of those who are taking part in the Olympics -whether it be for the first time or after several appearances in these competitions -are stellar and spectacular and heros who should be emulated by the younger generation of today.

The years of practice that goes into making it to this level of skill and athletic prowess is really incredible and requires dedication like very few will ever have.

Watching the figure skating competition the other night, I was about to burst into tears when the little skater from Japan fell only about 10-15 seconds into her routine but she managed to keep her composure, pick herself up and completed skating her program. She deserves a medal for being able to do that!

I know it is a big, big, competition and being competitive means someone wins, others will lose and that's the way it goes. Unlike some kindergarten classes and even early elementary school classes do not award top grades or medals but rather, reward everyone alike. I'm not saying I want to see that -well, not exactly anyway.

But what I would like to see is whether our/my team (USA) wins first, second or third place in any event is great but I'd be really happiest if I thought that everyone could feel that same sense of pride for all the other athletes who win gold, silver or bronze for their spectacular achievements in the competition and also, that we share that same sense of pride to the other competitors who worked so hard to get to Sochi and didn't make it out of the starting gate towards receiving a medal.

Remember each and everyone of these competitors has put in years and years of training just to arrive at this destination and for their perseverance, pluck, stamina and sheer physical talent all of them deserve our respect and to honor their place at the Olympics.

Peace and Good Luck to each and everyone but a little extra dose of good luck please to all those competing for the Red, White and Blue -Stars and Stripes forever too!