Monday, August 20, 2007

UPDATE - Chasing Rats

This news bulletin just in!!!

Bill set the trap again tonight on the deck and about 1 a.m., Mandy was sitting at the counter in the kitchen and according to her description, she felt a vibration, heard a noise on the deck and when she flipped the back light on, there in the trap was one really, really HUGE raccoon!

Yeah baby! This specimen has definitely been around for a while. It might even be the great-grandparent of the "teenaged" raccoon he caught Friday night or early Saturday morning.

This one isn't all that content though - unlike the one Bill caught the other night.

The reason? For openers, it a cold rainy night and there's no big fat bag of garbage sitting within range of this one for him to snack on the rest of the night.

And that means there'll be no big fat mess of garbage all over the deck either for poor Bill to have to clean up -again.

So, before he heads off to work in the morning, he's gonna have a little bit of a surprise there awaiting him and he's going to have to take a bit of a detour too and run this big fella down the road to the ghost town to set him loose there.

Here's hoping this one's sense of direction will take him east then and he won't be enticed to come back up and raid the trash cans along this street - at least for a while anyway!

I'm just grateful as all get out though, considering this trap is sitting out on the deck, just outside the kitchen, that neither occupants of it have been black with that tell-tale strip down its back.

Can you just imagine what the whole house - along with the entire neighborhood - would smell like then?


Krista said...

You got em!! I remember when a skunk was stalking my house and my little puppy got into a battle with it under the deck. He got sprayed and our whole house, our clothes and food tasted and smelled like skunk. Ugh! I'll pray thank the skunks just leave your house alone!!

Barb said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! Glad you got him, though!

Berni said...

I am glad it was a humane trap. Unfortunately in my experience up here, once an animal knows where they might get food, they will find a way back, even when they have been taken across a 10mile wide lake, they just wait until winter and then cross the ice. They don't forget that tasty garbage.

Well for now you have some peace to get on with your writing assignment!